Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The one with the christmas air

October 28, 2009, it's the 37th wedding anniversary of my in-laws. We had a simple dinner and my parents were there to join the dinner. I had fun seeing them four together, getting along and having a good chat. I know not all mag-balae have that kind of relationship and we're blessed to have that. :)

We pitched in for the food, had someone catered, small order lang naman but at least we did'nt have to wash the dishes and everything was on a chaffing dish. :) We had sparkling drinks, cake and a good laugh. When we were about to go home, i felt it. I smelled it. The crisp of christmas air. The soft cold breeze in my skin and the scent of christmas around the corner. And i'm just so happy. I know that we all went through a tough time after ondoy but there are more things to be grateful for and that Christmas will always come. I felt relief.

To feel the Christmas more, we are almost done with our Christmas decorations. Yesterday, we bought the decors, changed the lights for our optic christmas tree and decorated our living room. nice, really nice. :) simple but rock! i had to move the tv stand though since i needed to give more space for the christmas tree. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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