Thursday, November 19, 2009

The one with prodigy

The words gives me goosebumps. I don't think my daughter is a child prodigy.

When I posted the video about a week ago in facebook, multiply and here in my blog, i got a lot of pretty good comments about how amazing simone is that she can play the piano at her young age. I too am amazed. I think she is really blessed to be given the heart of music that we have prayed for her ever since i was carrying her. God told us to be specific in our prayers and I thought i was specific with that, well, along with other wishful traits like her being fair-skinned, hahaha. (got that one answered too!)

But just like what i wrote in this entry, she's not a child prodigy. She's blessed with a heart of music which hopefully will turn her to be a passionate musician one day. We promise not to pressure her on anything, we'll just continue to encourage her and open more opportunities for her so she'd know what she would like when she grows older. I think letting your child explore her world really helps. If not for Simon letting her play on his clavinova, she would'nt be able to learn the song. If not for mommy letting her play on her pricey make-ups and powders, she would'nt know that there are different colors in a palette. If not for all the mess that we make whenever we paint, or draw, or cut papers, she would'nt know the shapes and all the colors around her. The mess is all worth it. The endless cleaning (of ate maru) is all worth it. Yes anak, we will be there to guide you as you explore your world and no matter what it takes, it's all worth it. Even if that thing would make me learn how to burn fat like when you ask mommy to run in circles as fast as she could, i would do it, as long as it makes you happy. :)

So yeah, she's not a prodigy but she will become somebody someday... somebody to mommy and daddy and to everyone who love her dearly :)

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