Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The one with second ultimate wish

You know what my ultimate wish is, and that's our own home :) But since we're still saving up for it and might take more time than expected, another wish that i have is a brand new van. :) I think i really need one for my business and that our car, although very reliable, i can really feel that it's getting really smaller and smaller for us. When we go out, puno agad yung back with all of simone's things. And moreso, when i have events, I'd always cross my fingers and hope it won't go overloaded or something. I had to rent a van on some weekends since i really need a bigger transportation.

I know we can do it. :) i really do. i know God will help us buy one. It's just that we need to prioritize which of our ultimate wishes we need to save up for one first. hmm...tough decision??? What made it harder was when i saw a showroom and saw all the Mopar parts from SUVs, jeeps, vans and other big vehicles. man, i want one! My brother asked me, "can you drive a van?!" i answered back, "kuya, kung si babes nga na-drive ko, i can drive anything." Babes was my first second-hand car. 1982 Toyota cressida. She's old but well-maintained, a classic and I'm not ashamed that she's my first car coz i learned everything thru her. And i bought her from my own hard-earned money when i was 22. :) o diba?! :)

All in God's time.

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