Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The one with twerty

My eyes caught the Tv commercial of a vitamin that's said to be "age-deceiving", meaning you'd never need to lie about your age if you take your vitamins. one part of the scene says, "i'm thirtyish..." and i remembered this exact line when i was asked by a bank teller how old i was and i effortlessly answered, "twe...rty" hahaha...i was set to answer 29 but was able to hold myself back and tried to pull back my answer to correct it to a thirty. so funny.

I did'nt make a scene when i turned 30. in fact, i was so nonchalant about it that i really did'nt mind if there were numbered candles of 3-0 in my cake. :) But as months was passing by after my birthday, i realized that hey, im not really in my 20s and that there are really some things that i need to do for myself as this goddess-like body and face will soon fade. (eehhh, who the heck am i kidding?!)

but seriously, i started to watch what i eat. it's been two weeks that i've been controlling my rice intake and i'm taking it a little at a time but im getting there. I also started to seriously put on sunblock, eye creams and moisturizer. i know, it's starting to really sink in! and just a while ago, i got a medical insurance policy from my dad in law. haha. i need to secure my medical needs and when i read something about short term health insurance NC in the net, i started asking my dad about it and he offered me one.

Am i growing up or what???? hehehe...

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