Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The one with bohol escapade

Okay, the previous post was a little burst of emotions, let me give a lighter feel of this blog by talking about our plans for simone's 3rd bday. You see, i'm a party planner. That's what i do and i love it! But my husband and I agreed on not throwing another bash for simone until she's 7 (okay, maybe 5 or 4 pwede pa? hahaha) so while we're waiting for it, we'd spend her younger bdays on rather a smaller party or a trip. And we are just glad we'd spend her 3rd bday on a bohol trip with both our parents. There are several reasons why we wanted this trip:

First, we wanted to have a first family out-of-town trip(Tagaytay and bulacan don't count). Simone has'nt ridden a plane yet so this one will be perfect. It's domestic flight, thus, shorter flying hours and would still come out cheaper compared to an international trip. (although im still crossing fingers for it. hehe)

Second, we've always wanted to treat our parents to an all-expense paid trip. It has always been our dream to treat them (all four of them) to an out-of-town trip and then an out-of-the country trip someday. as in! They're not that young anymore and they've sacrificed a lot for all of us, we just thought that this is just a small way of making them happy and get a little adventure once in a while. we thought of boracay first because boracay is still boracay, no matter how you put it. And we have our complimentary room that can save us about 10k but i think they needed a more serene and relaxing trip so what better place than bohol?! Our trip will be exactly what i had three of four years back. We will stay in Bohol beach club, do the half-day tour and just relax and enjoy the beach. I wanted us to try the Cebu sidetrip but the lolas fear the ferry rides so we'd stay in bohol the whole time. We're all psyched about it! I wanted to surprise them with a little note or something but we had to know if all our schedules would match so we had to ask and they had to know. haha. but they got really excited too.

I'm just a little sad that our sisters and brothers won't be with us on the trip, we'd probably have a pre or post bday celebration. I got the 777 PAL promo that got us for 800.00 per ticket. I think that's a good deal considering it's a new aircraft and they have free meals too. :) I've also reserved the resort already and we're locked with the old rates. goody!

I'm just excited!!! :)

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