Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The one with so close

Last week, I thought we're gonna have to replace our old car after being towed by MMDA where in fact we are AAP members (AAP is a towing company like Wheelers Club etc.) and had to pay double for the expenses and the towing fee. I felt the "this is it, we're gonna buy the Revo" feeling. But days after, for some reasons, we came back with the "maybe this is not the right time" feeling. We felt more right saving more for a newer vehicle or maybe when the time comes that we really need one for the business. you see, if we buy a bigger vehicle, one of the reasons (aside from saving the inconvenience of rv repair) is to expand our small party planning business. And what way to do that is to invest in another venture, say our own food carts or our mommy-daughter clothing line (which we will launch early next year by the way). So that being said, we'd have to shell out more money for that. So we decided to save a little more, work a little more until we're concrete and sure of our plans. :)

We're doing it right, yeah???

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