Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The one with turning three

Whenever holiday season is nearing, one more thing slips my mind and that's in two months time, my little girl will be less little again and more of a kid already. She's turning three in february and the emotional burst is coming early this time.

Here's a little scribbling of a letter i have for her:

Dear Simone,

Turning three is just three months away baby and i know that even if say that you're not a baby anymore and that your cousins justin and neyo are the only ones who are babies, to me, you'd always be one. You've grown so much and i know i can't stop it. I'm glad I can't because I love to see how you unfold to become someone God wanted you to be.

When you were a baby and you were so fragile, i'd always wish that you'd grow a little faster, and that you're not as fragile as a glass. When you turned four months, I was just glad you're stronger and can sit, lift your head, babble and make faces. I'd just wished I would have known how you felt, what you wanted to say or what you wanted to do so that everytime you cried, i did'nt have to guess what you needed at that time. And I was glad when before you turned one you learned how to do signs and we communicated. You learned how to talk before you turned one and everything was a lot easier coz now i know when you wanted milk, if you wanted to eat or if you wanted to play. And then i wished you'd walk soon so that then i don't have to hurt my back everytime i hold your hands for at least 30 minutes without you getting tired. And two months after, you learned how to walk. And we were all so happy because we won't have to hold you for so long. And then i wished you werent so energetic and hyper that we'd have to run towards you everytime, follow wherever you go. Then suddenly time flew faster, you instantly turned two and now you're almost three. I will always think of something that i'd wish for you but i thought to myself, everything is just happening so fast, all i could wish for is that i'd be able to do everything right for you. That i won't miss any opportunity to become a good mother, a good teacher, a friend, and a playmate. In no time, I know i'd be writing a letter to you turning 7 but i'd cry a bucket of tears over that later. In the meantime, let me cherish this time that you are still my almost 3-year old baby.

Simone, thank you for being the daughter that you are. Sorry if mommy snap sometimes, mommy and daddy had to teach you a lesson. Sorry if mommy gets so tired at times when you still wanted to play. Sorry if mommy forgets to read to you and you just open the book by yourself and pretend you're reading the book to keep you amused. Sorry if mommy gets angry when you jump up and down the mattresses and you hit your head on the wall. It really makes mommy worried.

But thank you for being the little spoiled pa-cute girl we know. We love spoiling you, i know we'd have a hard time disciplining you but what the heck, it's worth it! and we've always loved how pa-cute you are, looking at the mirrror, posing like a model and trying mommy's sunglasses, shoes and shirts. you are sooo cute! thank you for always saying i love you even if you don't have to. Thank you for learning how to say "excuse me" when you needed to pass. Thank you for saying "sorry" when you accidentally hurt mommy or daddy. It reassures us that somehow we are doing the right thing as parents.

We love you anak :)

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