Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The one with pretty hectic

December is coming pretty hectic already. This first week will be popsie tony's 60-something birthday and friday is justin's 2nd bday which we will celebrate the following day. We'll have dinner with the Tans tomorrow and my parents will go there really early. you see, both are dads are really good talkers. They loooovee to chat and they never ran out of things to share. When I celebrated my birthday last august, my father in law told me that he had so much fun that even if he had coffee that night, he had a very good night sleep. as in, he was so proud he did'nt wake up in the middle of the night. So when daddy tony had a hypertension episode the other day and the medicare supplement did'nt work and they had to bring him to the hospital to have him checked, I told my mom to spend more time with daddy tony and mommy alma. I'm sure both sides will benefit as my parents needed to share things with other parents too. Not that they dont' have other friends, but it would help if they always have someone to talk to right? I'm pretty sure there's a connection and we need some unwinding once in a while.

The more reason why i'm so excited with bohol...hmmm...

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