Thursday, November 26, 2009

The one with teaser photos

I'm not even sure if someone will be teased (harhar), but here are some blog entries that you might read about in a few more days (after this weekend, i promise to blog again). We are just so excited!

yeah baby, bohol for simone's 3rd bday it is! :)

our Sunday family bonding day at Manila Ocean Park (for days that i don't have parties, we really make the most out of it)

Happy weekend everyone! :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The one with prodigy

The words gives me goosebumps. I don't think my daughter is a child prodigy.

When I posted the video about a week ago in facebook, multiply and here in my blog, i got a lot of pretty good comments about how amazing simone is that she can play the piano at her young age. I too am amazed. I think she is really blessed to be given the heart of music that we have prayed for her ever since i was carrying her. God told us to be specific in our prayers and I thought i was specific with that, well, along with other wishful traits like her being fair-skinned, hahaha. (got that one answered too!)

But just like what i wrote in this entry, she's not a child prodigy. She's blessed with a heart of music which hopefully will turn her to be a passionate musician one day. We promise not to pressure her on anything, we'll just continue to encourage her and open more opportunities for her so she'd know what she would like when she grows older. I think letting your child explore her world really helps. If not for Simon letting her play on his clavinova, she would'nt be able to learn the song. If not for mommy letting her play on her pricey make-ups and powders, she would'nt know that there are different colors in a palette. If not for all the mess that we make whenever we paint, or draw, or cut papers, she would'nt know the shapes and all the colors around her. The mess is all worth it. The endless cleaning (of ate maru) is all worth it. Yes anak, we will be there to guide you as you explore your world and no matter what it takes, it's all worth it. Even if that thing would make me learn how to burn fat like when you ask mommy to run in circles as fast as she could, i would do it, as long as it makes you happy. :)

So yeah, she's not a prodigy but she will become somebody someday... somebody to mommy and daddy and to everyone who love her dearly :)

The one with christmas shopping

I went to a couple of toy and clothes sales recently. I wanted to avoid the christmas rush plus the good deals from the toytown sale is just irresistible. I was able to buy really nice toys for nephews, nieces and some godkids. Another sale that i was able to go to was the gingersnaps sale. I go here every year and this year, I went with simone and was able to buy really nice clothes for her and for some for my nieces. Clothes are down to 100 each up to 200. super good buys! I almost got my phone lost due to excitement, thought i locked it but turned out i had an unlocked phone accidentally lying under a pile of clothes and a man almost got it. whew. So another advice: don't bring a kid when you know you'd go nuts from all the clothes sale...hahaha.

Happy christmas shopping everyone!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The one with biggest milestone

This made me cry...It's an amazing milestone that at 33 months she can play the song Twinkle, Twinkle star. Simon was actually surprised that he was just pointing which keys to play but simone was the one who decides how many times to hit the keys. ain't that cool or what?!

Love you simone! we are just sooo proud of you!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The one with second ultimate wish

You know what my ultimate wish is, and that's our own home :) But since we're still saving up for it and might take more time than expected, another wish that i have is a brand new van. :) I think i really need one for my business and that our car, although very reliable, i can really feel that it's getting really smaller and smaller for us. When we go out, puno agad yung back with all of simone's things. And moreso, when i have events, I'd always cross my fingers and hope it won't go overloaded or something. I had to rent a van on some weekends since i really need a bigger transportation.

I know we can do it. :) i really do. i know God will help us buy one. It's just that we need to prioritize which of our ultimate wishes we need to save up for one first. hmm...tough decision??? What made it harder was when i saw a showroom and saw all the Mopar parts from SUVs, jeeps, vans and other big vehicles. man, i want one! My brother asked me, "can you drive a van?!" i answered back, "kuya, kung si babes nga na-drive ko, i can drive anything." Babes was my first second-hand car. 1982 Toyota cressida. She's old but well-maintained, a classic and I'm not ashamed that she's my first car coz i learned everything thru her. And i bought her from my own hard-earned money when i was 22. :) o diba?! :)

All in God's time.

The one with the christmas air

October 28, 2009, it's the 37th wedding anniversary of my in-laws. We had a simple dinner and my parents were there to join the dinner. I had fun seeing them four together, getting along and having a good chat. I know not all mag-balae have that kind of relationship and we're blessed to have that. :)

We pitched in for the food, had someone catered, small order lang naman but at least we did'nt have to wash the dishes and everything was on a chaffing dish. :) We had sparkling drinks, cake and a good laugh. When we were about to go home, i felt it. I smelled it. The crisp of christmas air. The soft cold breeze in my skin and the scent of christmas around the corner. And i'm just so happy. I know that we all went through a tough time after ondoy but there are more things to be grateful for and that Christmas will always come. I felt relief.

To feel the Christmas more, we are almost done with our Christmas decorations. Yesterday, we bought the decors, changed the lights for our optic christmas tree and decorated our living room. nice, really nice. :) simple but rock! i had to move the tv stand though since i needed to give more space for the christmas tree. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

The one with more about the medical insurance

Well, im not promoting anything what my dad in law is offering but the one that i got from him was really a good package. It's a medical insurance with pension after your 10-year insurance lapse. i think it was an impulse decision but i also felt i needed one. Imagine, it secures your hospitalization, check-ups, dental discounts, and other laboratory and physical examinations. plus, you get some cash after some time. cool right? so if you want to know more about it, just buzz me :)

The one with twerty

My eyes caught the Tv commercial of a vitamin that's said to be "age-deceiving", meaning you'd never need to lie about your age if you take your vitamins. one part of the scene says, "i'm thirtyish..." and i remembered this exact line when i was asked by a bank teller how old i was and i effortlessly answered, "twe...rty" hahaha...i was set to answer 29 but was able to hold myself back and tried to pull back my answer to correct it to a thirty. so funny.

I did'nt make a scene when i turned 30. in fact, i was so nonchalant about it that i really did'nt mind if there were numbered candles of 3-0 in my cake. :) But as months was passing by after my birthday, i realized that hey, im not really in my 20s and that there are really some things that i need to do for myself as this goddess-like body and face will soon fade. (eehhh, who the heck am i kidding?!)

but seriously, i started to watch what i eat. it's been two weeks that i've been controlling my rice intake and i'm taking it a little at a time but im getting there. I also started to seriously put on sunblock, eye creams and moisturizer. i know, it's starting to really sink in! and just a while ago, i got a medical insurance policy from my dad in law. haha. i need to secure my medical needs and when i read something about short term health insurance NC in the net, i started asking my dad about it and he offered me one.

Am i growing up or what???? hehehe...

Sunday, November 01, 2009

The one with trick or treating

As a kid, I was never able to do this. I thought we were'nt allowed since our faith did'nt believe in halloweens, etc but who says we can't have fun. Now that i have a kid, I wanted her to enjoy just a bit during this costume-filled time of the year. :)

Simone was Minnie mouse last year. This year, I wanted her to be a pirate but since we were pressed for time with the costume (ironic as it is, we make costumes and yung sa amin mismo, rush order, hahaha) I bought one for simone during GMA's trick or treating. She was monster bride. I thought she really looked cute with her black and white dress. It came along with a veil but she did'nt want to put it so yeah, we settled with the dress instead. It was hard to put the dress at first as she was really fussy and crying at the top of her voice. kakaloka. but when she warmed up already, she did'nt want to take off the dress anymore and enjoyed the trick or treating to the max. we had tons of candies, her pumpkin was so full already, i think we needed a bigger plastic bag. hahaha. I think next time, i might have to try a girly costume for her. Although personally, im not into the fairies' costumes, ahehe. i love girly stuff, minsan lang, para maiba naman :)

The 2nd trick or treating we had was at the Podium. When we went there last year, we came in a little late na so we were'nt able to fill up the pumpkin, so this year i came prepared. haha. i have a 6pm party then so i asked my staff to go ahead of me so they can start with the decors already. I had to be a mommy first. Simon was with us and so was my mom. My mom loves and enjoys trick or treating. bet she wished she had done the same thing for us, although come to think of it, wala pa ata ganun nung time namin. hahaha. fine! so she was pirate already in this trick or treating. the costume made by mom in law was really nice. sayang lang wasnt able to buy boots to go with it and i forgot to bring her closed shoes so she was wearing lang her sandals. yikes. and we can't put the belt coz her tummy is so "all-out" that we can't lock the belt. hahaha. next time, aayusin ko talaga costume nya para the best ito, or siguro something simpler.

Again, we had a hard time putting the costume on but the minute she saw the kids, she warmed up already. And the minute she saw justin, she was sooo ecstatic na. She did'nt remove her white blouse until the day after. hahaha, oa. Another best thing about this was the instant fat burner from all the walking i had to do. hahaha.

Happy trick or treating everyone!

as always, pics to follow...