Friday, December 11, 2009

The one with his wishlist

Yeah, somebody's christmas came in early!!!

Simon's newest addition to his collection of gadgets

I never debated against on anything that he has ever wanted for christmas. After all, it's one of the rare moments that we give in to our wishlists and i know he deserves it. Well, he wanted the newer version, PS3 but he thought that this will do and it's more practical anyway. I love that we play Dance Dance revolution with this. And hopefully, it will help me lose some pounds. haha. When he called me and told me that he already ordered my gift for him (haha, so funny!), it was like hearing birth announcements from an eagerly-waiting first time father. hehe, he was just so ecstatic about it. congrats beh!

Now...what do i want for christmas??? hmmm...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The one with really got sad

It just sunk in...I really am fat...The thought just sunk my fat brain and i really felt sad.

I was trying some dresses for emily's wedding and it's the first time i felt that nothing as in nothing fits right. even if the dress fits, it does'nt look good and i did'nt like what i saw. i got depressed knowing that i don't have the same bod, that no matter what i do, it's so hard to lose weight. I know i never had a slim, slender frame. I know i've always been blessed with hips, legs and behind. Ive accepted those things when i was still in high school. Fitting jeans take a whole day for me. But now, it just struck me that Free size shirts are not in my closet anymore...that when i try to fit blouses, i'd have to start with Large and i'd dread fitting an XL blouse.

This is also the first time i talked about this concern with my husband. (well, considering this is the first time i felt bad about it too) My husband took it as a surprise that it took a toll on me. He always sees me as a confident person and someone who knows how to handle herself, even if with a "little" weight gain. When i told him about it, he asked me what i wanted to do with it (well, men, men, men...they're after results and solutions) and he asked me if this is the time that we should start considering options like weight loss diet pill, or herbal teas, or Xenical. Karamba! i think i might start with the herbal tea like Bigerlai. I read about this from our n@w forum and im seriously considering starting with this one. I just hope it works. Oh with the christmas holiday coming...

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The one with so close

Last week, I thought we're gonna have to replace our old car after being towed by MMDA where in fact we are AAP members (AAP is a towing company like Wheelers Club etc.) and had to pay double for the expenses and the towing fee. I felt the "this is it, we're gonna buy the Revo" feeling. But days after, for some reasons, we came back with the "maybe this is not the right time" feeling. We felt more right saving more for a newer vehicle or maybe when the time comes that we really need one for the business. you see, if we buy a bigger vehicle, one of the reasons (aside from saving the inconvenience of rv repair) is to expand our small party planning business. And what way to do that is to invest in another venture, say our own food carts or our mommy-daughter clothing line (which we will launch early next year by the way). So that being said, we'd have to shell out more money for that. So we decided to save a little more, work a little more until we're concrete and sure of our plans. :)

We're doing it right, yeah???

The one with pretty hectic

December is coming pretty hectic already. This first week will be popsie tony's 60-something birthday and friday is justin's 2nd bday which we will celebrate the following day. We'll have dinner with the Tans tomorrow and my parents will go there really early. you see, both are dads are really good talkers. They loooovee to chat and they never ran out of things to share. When I celebrated my birthday last august, my father in law told me that he had so much fun that even if he had coffee that night, he had a very good night sleep. as in, he was so proud he did'nt wake up in the middle of the night. So when daddy tony had a hypertension episode the other day and the medicare supplement did'nt work and they had to bring him to the hospital to have him checked, I told my mom to spend more time with daddy tony and mommy alma. I'm sure both sides will benefit as my parents needed to share things with other parents too. Not that they dont' have other friends, but it would help if they always have someone to talk to right? I'm pretty sure there's a connection and we need some unwinding once in a while.

The more reason why i'm so excited with bohol...hmmm...

The one with bohol escapade

Okay, the previous post was a little burst of emotions, let me give a lighter feel of this blog by talking about our plans for simone's 3rd bday. You see, i'm a party planner. That's what i do and i love it! But my husband and I agreed on not throwing another bash for simone until she's 7 (okay, maybe 5 or 4 pwede pa? hahaha) so while we're waiting for it, we'd spend her younger bdays on rather a smaller party or a trip. And we are just glad we'd spend her 3rd bday on a bohol trip with both our parents. There are several reasons why we wanted this trip:

First, we wanted to have a first family out-of-town trip(Tagaytay and bulacan don't count). Simone has'nt ridden a plane yet so this one will be perfect. It's domestic flight, thus, shorter flying hours and would still come out cheaper compared to an international trip. (although im still crossing fingers for it. hehe)

Second, we've always wanted to treat our parents to an all-expense paid trip. It has always been our dream to treat them (all four of them) to an out-of-town trip and then an out-of-the country trip someday. as in! They're not that young anymore and they've sacrificed a lot for all of us, we just thought that this is just a small way of making them happy and get a little adventure once in a while. we thought of boracay first because boracay is still boracay, no matter how you put it. And we have our complimentary room that can save us about 10k but i think they needed a more serene and relaxing trip so what better place than bohol?! Our trip will be exactly what i had three of four years back. We will stay in Bohol beach club, do the half-day tour and just relax and enjoy the beach. I wanted us to try the Cebu sidetrip but the lolas fear the ferry rides so we'd stay in bohol the whole time. We're all psyched about it! I wanted to surprise them with a little note or something but we had to know if all our schedules would match so we had to ask and they had to know. haha. but they got really excited too.

I'm just a little sad that our sisters and brothers won't be with us on the trip, we'd probably have a pre or post bday celebration. I got the 777 PAL promo that got us for 800.00 per ticket. I think that's a good deal considering it's a new aircraft and they have free meals too. :) I've also reserved the resort already and we're locked with the old rates. goody!

I'm just excited!!! :)

The one with turning three

Whenever holiday season is nearing, one more thing slips my mind and that's in two months time, my little girl will be less little again and more of a kid already. She's turning three in february and the emotional burst is coming early this time.

Here's a little scribbling of a letter i have for her:

Dear Simone,

Turning three is just three months away baby and i know that even if say that you're not a baby anymore and that your cousins justin and neyo are the only ones who are babies, to me, you'd always be one. You've grown so much and i know i can't stop it. I'm glad I can't because I love to see how you unfold to become someone God wanted you to be.

When you were a baby and you were so fragile, i'd always wish that you'd grow a little faster, and that you're not as fragile as a glass. When you turned four months, I was just glad you're stronger and can sit, lift your head, babble and make faces. I'd just wished I would have known how you felt, what you wanted to say or what you wanted to do so that everytime you cried, i did'nt have to guess what you needed at that time. And I was glad when before you turned one you learned how to do signs and we communicated. You learned how to talk before you turned one and everything was a lot easier coz now i know when you wanted milk, if you wanted to eat or if you wanted to play. And then i wished you'd walk soon so that then i don't have to hurt my back everytime i hold your hands for at least 30 minutes without you getting tired. And two months after, you learned how to walk. And we were all so happy because we won't have to hold you for so long. And then i wished you werent so energetic and hyper that we'd have to run towards you everytime, follow wherever you go. Then suddenly time flew faster, you instantly turned two and now you're almost three. I will always think of something that i'd wish for you but i thought to myself, everything is just happening so fast, all i could wish for is that i'd be able to do everything right for you. That i won't miss any opportunity to become a good mother, a good teacher, a friend, and a playmate. In no time, I know i'd be writing a letter to you turning 7 but i'd cry a bucket of tears over that later. In the meantime, let me cherish this time that you are still my almost 3-year old baby.

Simone, thank you for being the daughter that you are. Sorry if mommy snap sometimes, mommy and daddy had to teach you a lesson. Sorry if mommy gets so tired at times when you still wanted to play. Sorry if mommy forgets to read to you and you just open the book by yourself and pretend you're reading the book to keep you amused. Sorry if mommy gets angry when you jump up and down the mattresses and you hit your head on the wall. It really makes mommy worried.

But thank you for being the little spoiled pa-cute girl we know. We love spoiling you, i know we'd have a hard time disciplining you but what the heck, it's worth it! and we've always loved how pa-cute you are, looking at the mirrror, posing like a model and trying mommy's sunglasses, shoes and shirts. you are sooo cute! thank you for always saying i love you even if you don't have to. Thank you for learning how to say "excuse me" when you needed to pass. Thank you for saying "sorry" when you accidentally hurt mommy or daddy. It reassures us that somehow we are doing the right thing as parents.

We love you anak :)