Saturday, April 11, 2009

The one with almost an accident

I forgot to blog about this incident that happened to me about two weeks ago. It was a thursday, my usual meeting day with clients. I finished around 930pm in Starbucks megamall and there i met simon so we can go home together. When I went out of starbucks to walk towards him, he saw me already and we were only ten feet apart when i felt a big bang at my back, the impact was so hard i felt my head moved and shook. yung parang sa palabas when someone has been hit by a car tapos slow motion na naalog yung ulo mo paharap. i was in shock and at the same time curious of who might have hit me that hard. when i looked back, i saw a big pile of garbage, the one that the maintenance use when collecting garbages. the garbage was way above the big bin already, thus the maintenance crew could'nt see his way. he was, i guess, looking at the sides just to make sure that nobody's on his way. Well, he looked wrong. We analyzed that the side of the bin was the thing that hit me. I shouted "ouch!" (wow, sosyal pala ako umaray, haha!) and then my initial reaction was to shout at the maintenance crew. why? when i looked at him, he did'nt have the slightest apologetic face. he was grinning, as if it was all a joke. and then i shouted, "anong nakakatawa? umayos ka nga sa trabaho mo,di mo kasi tinitingnan daanan mo e" and then i did'nt know what happened next. simon was the one who talked to him as i had to sit down. i felt my back numbing from pain. natakot ako. when simon touched it, nagulat kme coz it was only an inch away from my spine. I know it was still God who protected me. had it been in my spine, i dont know where i'll be now. super lakas talaga ng impact that i felt a ring in my ear and i felt like i carried ten sacks of rice and my whole body felt weak. hay. God is still good. we got the name of the guy and told him that we will file a complaint should anything happen to me. but the following day, since nothing happened to me, i did'nt bother to call coz i also thought that he might lose his job if i file a complaint.

we are all under His wings, thus, no one and nothing can do us harm. :)


"Q" said...

nakatakot naman. praise God you're safe.

Gig Music Studio said...

thank God nothing happened. sarap tirisin nung lalaking yun ah, hello, spinal column!


Jenny said...

Are you alright now sis?