Saturday, April 11, 2009

The one with model potential

Simone at the age of two poses like a model. She learned this even before turning two. She'd pose and would'nt move until she hears the camera click or she sees the flash. Then, she'd make another pose all by herself and will ask the photographer to take another picture. hahaha. here's one session recently at home with daddy as her photographer. :)

"hindi tulog yan, joke lang yan..."

no one was directing her. everything was her own poses...promise!

kahit ito, i dont even know why her hand was like that. hahaha

of course, she's still pa-cute. :)

at 25 months, her motor skills are more developed now. her stranger anxiety is close to zero na. she counts up to 20 already. she loves little einsteins now, she loves to dance too, and sing! she still amazes us when she sings while playing. she's the only kid i know who hums while playing. can you believe that?! hehe. that's dad's genes alright! she also knows the different instruments.

i'm also proud when strangers say hi to her and she waves back and say hi too. and when we're out and she's so behaved and people will comment how behave my daughter is and that she's the mahinhin type. hehe. she's generally behave naman talaga. but i'am surprised to receive comments that simone is tall for her age. madami kasi nagsasabi that she's tall for two. eh sa isip ko nga, "wait til you see my friends' babies" hehe, kasi yung mga kalaro ni simone like joaquin, joaqui and andie, they're the big ones. si simone yung parang smallest but we still get more comments of her being tall and big for her age. i also love the fact that she gained weight already. her built now is the ideal kind that i wanted for her. she's not that big, still lean but heavy. :) even my in laws told me that simone gained back her weight. actually, i think all toddlers pass that stage, yung tipong papayat kasi tatangkad tapos tataba ulit when they've reached a certain height already. :)

we talk to simone like an adult. she answers to almost all our questions and can communicate with what she wants. there are some words that are still blank to me and i'm still discovering what those words are but in general, our communication has improved a lot. this is the stage where i actually feel she's NOT a baby anymore. and the emotional string has been pulled! harhar. sometimes, i'd feel that time flew so fast that sooner or later, she'll go to school na and that i'd miss being with her often. one thing i'd always tell myself, i never regret leaving my 8-5 job for simone because the bond that we share is a good foundation for her and for me too, as a mom. i think i'd stop na, less i'd cry here while i blog about her more. hehe.

Another mini-milestone is her association of words and letters. Just a while ago, she saw the logo of Nestle in her coco crunch pack and said in glee, "ne-yey ay-kim!" (nestle ice cream!) i asked her to repeat what she said and said the same thing. she read it nestle ice cream. the logo she must have seen it on TV and associated it with ice cream. hehe, i think we really can teach them to read. :)

congrats baby!


The Choco Loco said...

hay ang sarap talaga basahin ng mga posts mo ... lalo na yng kay simone!

"Q" said...

kakatuwa talaga si simone :) and i'll see her soon yehey

a boy's mom said...

way to go simone! :)

you might be interested to introduce her to early reading, sis...check out my blog about this :)

Apple said...

awww! so cute... :) she really looks like you in the last picture. :)

a boy's mom said...

hi sis, check out this site for the early reading program

and you may also be interested to see my posts on how we started..check them out here..goodluck! let me know if you need any more info :)

Anonymous said...

last picture reminds me of jane