Monday, April 20, 2009

The one with Divi shopping

I love going to Divisoria. When going and shopping to Divisoria, here are some tips that you can use:
1) Since we are near the LRT station in santolan, I don't bring a car going to Divisoria specially if i don't have so many items to buy naman. i just take the LRT and another jeep to divi and voila. i save a lot pa for the gas and the stress that i get everytime i drive that far. hehe.

2) Make sure that you have a list in tow everytime you go there. tendency kasi if you don't have a list, everything that you see, you'd want to buy them immediately. Stick to your list first and then buy other things after you bought the items from your list. Do not and i say this firmly, bring so much cash that's out of your budget because most likely, you'd end up spending this as well. believe me!

3) Do not wear any jewelry

4) Wear comfortable clothes, but not too fancy clothes. yung tamang porma lang. :)

5) Make sure you had breakfast before you start with your shopping. I always eat in Mcdo there before i start with my rounds. haha.

6) I don't bring a bag, i dont bring a wallet either. I just divide the money i bring and place it in multiple pockets and one ATM for "emergency" purposes. hahaha.

7) I go there only on weekdays.

There, i hope you're doing these too for a more pleasant shopping time in Divisoria. :) Last time I shopped there, I bought a lot of party poppers for my events, baby items for simone, lots of baby shower party decorations for my friend who's soon to give birth. yey! meron pala nun sa divi. :)

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