Monday, April 13, 2009

The one with the new baby

Before you think of something else, let me just clear this up...i'm not pregnant and the baby is not a person. hahha. anyway, in my previous post, i was thinking of what to buy for simon as his birthday gift. and yesterday, the search has ended. he has this as his newest baby:
HP mini 1000 notebook. its only 10in in size, piano finish feature and really portable. he needs this when he's out and needs something really light. his laptop kasi which has died on him months back was so heavy. pag pinagawa, 5k din ang worth. but i still plan to have it fixed kasi sayang din and we can still sell it dahil maalaga sa gamit ang asawa ko. actually, we didnt spend a penny when we bought this. we just sold some of his gadgets na di na nagagamit, aka unused icons. tapos the budget we bought for this one and a keyboard. wow, super saya na ng bday nya ha! ano ba?! hahaha. super happy nga sya e. another option actually was a Nikon DSLR or a cellphone. the former approved sa ken but we thought about it and admitted na tama na ung isang hobby nya lang for a splurge. alam ko kasi that when we started buying stuff for the camera, the list of "to buy" is endless. hehe. eh meron pa syang mga musical gadgets to drool so masyado na syang masaya pag marami syang gadgets. hahaha. the latter naman was out of the question. hindi ako mahilig sa cellphone so hindi sya approved sa ken. hehe. at chaka bago pa ang samsung phone nya. wala pa nga 6 months. ano ba?! hehehe.

happy bday simon! love you! enjoy the new baby!


"Q" said...

wow ang ganda! :)

jeng said...

Parang nakikita ko na ang ngiti ni simon nung nakita nya 'to ; )

Got a tag for you

Gig Music Studio said...


ang swerte naman ni simon!
wanna have my hp mini too!!! waaahhhh!!