Saturday, April 11, 2009

The one with still more choices

the past few weeks were more like "home-hunting" for us. i could'nt count how many agents we've talked to, nor the number of houses we looked at now. and when simon mentioned it to my in-laws, another option was suggested which was more like a last option for me. ahehe. don't take it against me, i love my in-laws. i've been closer to them after we got married and much more when we started doing business together (my MIL is the one who makes all Dresscode outfits for partyboosters) anyway, what was their suggestion you ask? they suggested that instead of acquiring a condo unit or something so small, why not construct a second-floor in their house. it would have been a great choice since we'd live close to them, easy for me to leave simone when i have meetings, or no need to think about the lot etc. but it's still not ours. Plus he still has four more siblings and we don't want any complications along the way. you know what i mean. but i welcomed the suggestion...really. it was a very generous one. It's just that we'd like to have something that we can also pass to our kid/s in the future, something like what they've strived for before. even if it will be a small house, it's still something we'd call ours. :)

so the house hunting does'nt end. neither the saving up for it, hehe. :) it's what you call faith in action :)

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