Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The one with he had it in him

I used to always brag here whenever i get best deals or best buys but this post, i just had to give credit to my husband for being able to stretch his budget and looked for the best buy of his what i call "kaprichuhan". as my husband would always tell me, sya na daw ang pinaka-matipid na musikero coz when he buys things, he always considers the budget despite of his drooling for the pricey ones. hahaha.

he bought this digital piano for a meek price of 4k. it's not one of those wholesale electronics that we know of. he saw an ad of a japan surplus and told him that a piano was included in their last shipment. i think 25 dead keys (keys not working) but he took the risk and still bought it without knowing if it will still work.

in fairness it really looks nice. and when he finally found a piano technician (is that how they call them?) only 5 keys (lower ones pa) and hindi na lang gumagana so basically he's so happy na and he can play it at home anytime he wants to. yey! im so proud of you baby! i asked him the market value of the piano and he said it's between 25 to 30k! grabe!

now the money he has from selling his Korg Karma is now the new dilemma. he wanted a keyboard and a laptop. but i told him that he has to fit his budget with everything he wants. he can't go beyond...or else...hehehe.

can i count this as my birthday gift for him? hahaha. bday gift is letting him buy what he wants with his money. nyahaha. what a wife?!

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Gig Music Studio said...

sana minsan mahawaan ni simon si chris no?

Chell <-- bad wife :D