Monday, April 20, 2009

The one with AND

The other day, Simone surprised me by handing me her Elmo toy and her horsey stuffed toy and said, "mommy elmo AND horse" (while she gives them out to me) waah! may AND na ito! kaloka! simon was shocked when he heard it. could'nt believe it either. hahaha.

Simone generally speaks more tagalog but understands more english. she also understands some chinese. and by some, i mean the word "kun" lang. haha. tama ba spelling basta it means sleep. when her popsy tells her, "simone, kunkun na" she will reply with, "ayaw kukun" hahaha, super cute!!!

The one with Divi shopping

I love going to Divisoria. When going and shopping to Divisoria, here are some tips that you can use:
1) Since we are near the LRT station in santolan, I don't bring a car going to Divisoria specially if i don't have so many items to buy naman. i just take the LRT and another jeep to divi and voila. i save a lot pa for the gas and the stress that i get everytime i drive that far. hehe.

2) Make sure that you have a list in tow everytime you go there. tendency kasi if you don't have a list, everything that you see, you'd want to buy them immediately. Stick to your list first and then buy other things after you bought the items from your list. Do not and i say this firmly, bring so much cash that's out of your budget because most likely, you'd end up spending this as well. believe me!

3) Do not wear any jewelry

4) Wear comfortable clothes, but not too fancy clothes. yung tamang porma lang. :)

5) Make sure you had breakfast before you start with your shopping. I always eat in Mcdo there before i start with my rounds. haha.

6) I don't bring a bag, i dont bring a wallet either. I just divide the money i bring and place it in multiple pockets and one ATM for "emergency" purposes. hahaha.

7) I go there only on weekdays.

There, i hope you're doing these too for a more pleasant shopping time in Divisoria. :) Last time I shopped there, I bought a lot of party poppers for my events, baby items for simone, lots of baby shower party decorations for my friend who's soon to give birth. yey! meron pala nun sa divi. :)

The one with turning 29

I wish I were the one turning 29...hahaha. the man in the house is turning a year short of the line of 3 stage this april 30. we're planning on having a simple dinner lang at home with our families. since the day after falls on a holiday, we can celebrate it. yey! i'm actually starting early on doing my decors for my May 1,2, and 3 events so that i won't have to cram myself the day before. I did some grocery shopping yesterday and added some items na for april 30. i also bought some skin care products for myself. yes, i'm starting with a simple regimen which hopefully i'd be able to stick to. I'm so lazy on taking care of myself. but i hope i'd change since i'm so nearing the 30 age. waah! hehehe.

have a great tuesday everyone!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The one with the new baby

Before you think of something else, let me just clear this up...i'm not pregnant and the baby is not a person. hahha. anyway, in my previous post, i was thinking of what to buy for simon as his birthday gift. and yesterday, the search has ended. he has this as his newest baby:
HP mini 1000 notebook. its only 10in in size, piano finish feature and really portable. he needs this when he's out and needs something really light. his laptop kasi which has died on him months back was so heavy. pag pinagawa, 5k din ang worth. but i still plan to have it fixed kasi sayang din and we can still sell it dahil maalaga sa gamit ang asawa ko. actually, we didnt spend a penny when we bought this. we just sold some of his gadgets na di na nagagamit, aka unused icons. tapos the budget we bought for this one and a keyboard. wow, super saya na ng bday nya ha! ano ba?! hahaha. super happy nga sya e. another option actually was a Nikon DSLR or a cellphone. the former approved sa ken but we thought about it and admitted na tama na ung isang hobby nya lang for a splurge. alam ko kasi that when we started buying stuff for the camera, the list of "to buy" is endless. hehe. eh meron pa syang mga musical gadgets to drool so masyado na syang masaya pag marami syang gadgets. hahaha. the latter naman was out of the question. hindi ako mahilig sa cellphone so hindi sya approved sa ken. hehe. at chaka bago pa ang samsung phone nya. wala pa nga 6 months. ano ba?! hehehe.

happy bday simon! love you! enjoy the new baby!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The one with model potential

Simone at the age of two poses like a model. She learned this even before turning two. She'd pose and would'nt move until she hears the camera click or she sees the flash. Then, she'd make another pose all by herself and will ask the photographer to take another picture. hahaha. here's one session recently at home with daddy as her photographer. :)

"hindi tulog yan, joke lang yan..."

no one was directing her. everything was her own poses...promise!

kahit ito, i dont even know why her hand was like that. hahaha

of course, she's still pa-cute. :)

at 25 months, her motor skills are more developed now. her stranger anxiety is close to zero na. she counts up to 20 already. she loves little einsteins now, she loves to dance too, and sing! she still amazes us when she sings while playing. she's the only kid i know who hums while playing. can you believe that?! hehe. that's dad's genes alright! she also knows the different instruments.

i'm also proud when strangers say hi to her and she waves back and say hi too. and when we're out and she's so behaved and people will comment how behave my daughter is and that she's the mahinhin type. hehe. she's generally behave naman talaga. but i'am surprised to receive comments that simone is tall for her age. madami kasi nagsasabi that she's tall for two. eh sa isip ko nga, "wait til you see my friends' babies" hehe, kasi yung mga kalaro ni simone like joaquin, joaqui and andie, they're the big ones. si simone yung parang smallest but we still get more comments of her being tall and big for her age. i also love the fact that she gained weight already. her built now is the ideal kind that i wanted for her. she's not that big, still lean but heavy. :) even my in laws told me that simone gained back her weight. actually, i think all toddlers pass that stage, yung tipong papayat kasi tatangkad tapos tataba ulit when they've reached a certain height already. :)

we talk to simone like an adult. she answers to almost all our questions and can communicate with what she wants. there are some words that are still blank to me and i'm still discovering what those words are but in general, our communication has improved a lot. this is the stage where i actually feel she's NOT a baby anymore. and the emotional string has been pulled! harhar. sometimes, i'd feel that time flew so fast that sooner or later, she'll go to school na and that i'd miss being with her often. one thing i'd always tell myself, i never regret leaving my 8-5 job for simone because the bond that we share is a good foundation for her and for me too, as a mom. i think i'd stop na, less i'd cry here while i blog about her more. hehe.

Another mini-milestone is her association of words and letters. Just a while ago, she saw the logo of Nestle in her coco crunch pack and said in glee, "ne-yey ay-kim!" (nestle ice cream!) i asked her to repeat what she said and said the same thing. she read it nestle ice cream. the logo she must have seen it on TV and associated it with ice cream. hehe, i think we really can teach them to read. :)

congrats baby!

The one with still more choices

the past few weeks were more like "home-hunting" for us. i could'nt count how many agents we've talked to, nor the number of houses we looked at now. and when simon mentioned it to my in-laws, another option was suggested which was more like a last option for me. ahehe. don't take it against me, i love my in-laws. i've been closer to them after we got married and much more when we started doing business together (my MIL is the one who makes all Dresscode outfits for partyboosters) anyway, what was their suggestion you ask? they suggested that instead of acquiring a condo unit or something so small, why not construct a second-floor in their house. it would have been a great choice since we'd live close to them, easy for me to leave simone when i have meetings, or no need to think about the lot etc. but it's still not ours. Plus he still has four more siblings and we don't want any complications along the way. you know what i mean. but i welcomed the suggestion...really. it was a very generous one. It's just that we'd like to have something that we can also pass to our kid/s in the future, something like what they've strived for before. even if it will be a small house, it's still something we'd call ours. :)

so the house hunting does'nt end. neither the saving up for it, hehe. :) it's what you call faith in action :)

The one with almost an accident

I forgot to blog about this incident that happened to me about two weeks ago. It was a thursday, my usual meeting day with clients. I finished around 930pm in Starbucks megamall and there i met simon so we can go home together. When I went out of starbucks to walk towards him, he saw me already and we were only ten feet apart when i felt a big bang at my back, the impact was so hard i felt my head moved and shook. yung parang sa palabas when someone has been hit by a car tapos slow motion na naalog yung ulo mo paharap. i was in shock and at the same time curious of who might have hit me that hard. when i looked back, i saw a big pile of garbage, the one that the maintenance use when collecting garbages. the garbage was way above the big bin already, thus the maintenance crew could'nt see his way. he was, i guess, looking at the sides just to make sure that nobody's on his way. Well, he looked wrong. We analyzed that the side of the bin was the thing that hit me. I shouted "ouch!" (wow, sosyal pala ako umaray, haha!) and then my initial reaction was to shout at the maintenance crew. why? when i looked at him, he did'nt have the slightest apologetic face. he was grinning, as if it was all a joke. and then i shouted, "anong nakakatawa? umayos ka nga sa trabaho mo,di mo kasi tinitingnan daanan mo e" and then i did'nt know what happened next. simon was the one who talked to him as i had to sit down. i felt my back numbing from pain. natakot ako. when simon touched it, nagulat kme coz it was only an inch away from my spine. I know it was still God who protected me. had it been in my spine, i dont know where i'll be now. super lakas talaga ng impact that i felt a ring in my ear and i felt like i carried ten sacks of rice and my whole body felt weak. hay. God is still good. we got the name of the guy and told him that we will file a complaint should anything happen to me. but the following day, since nothing happened to me, i did'nt bother to call coz i also thought that he might lose his job if i file a complaint.

we are all under His wings, thus, no one and nothing can do us harm. :)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The one with kreativ blogger award

Thanks Joanne for this award. :)

The rules that go along with this blogger award are as follows:

Name 7 things that you love then pass this onto 7 other kreativ bloggers. In no particular order, here are my loves:

1. God
2. My husband
3. My family
4. Partyboosters
5. meeting new people
6. taking care of my baby
7. my friends

Who/what are your 7 loves Chell, Cee, Mai, Concon, Mec, Mhay, and Apple?

The one with he had it in him

I used to always brag here whenever i get best deals or best buys but this post, i just had to give credit to my husband for being able to stretch his budget and looked for the best buy of his what i call "kaprichuhan". as my husband would always tell me, sya na daw ang pinaka-matipid na musikero coz when he buys things, he always considers the budget despite of his drooling for the pricey ones. hahaha.

he bought this digital piano for a meek price of 4k. it's not one of those wholesale electronics that we know of. he saw an ad of a japan surplus and told him that a piano was included in their last shipment. i think 25 dead keys (keys not working) but he took the risk and still bought it without knowing if it will still work.

in fairness it really looks nice. and when he finally found a piano technician (is that how they call them?) only 5 keys (lower ones pa) and hindi na lang gumagana so basically he's so happy na and he can play it at home anytime he wants to. yey! im so proud of you baby! i asked him the market value of the piano and he said it's between 25 to 30k! grabe!

now the money he has from selling his Korg Karma is now the new dilemma. he wanted a keyboard and a laptop. but i told him that he has to fit his budget with everything he wants. he can't go beyond...or else...hehehe.

can i count this as my birthday gift for him? hahaha. bday gift is letting him buy what he wants with his money. nyahaha. what a wife?!