Friday, January 08, 2010

Christmas 2009

I still can't believe that christmas is over. i wish everyday is christmas. hehe. as simone grows older, she's enjoying the holidays more than the previous years. she appreciates more the gifts that she got, she sings christmas songs now, she gives food and/or money to christmas carolers, and she's just as excited to spend more time with mommy and daddy. we got more pictures this year and here are some:

first stop: the fermins. since we live near to both our families (which we really prefer), it's easy for us to spend the christmas eve with both of them. we decided to forego with our own set of full christmas meal and prepared just a simple menu this year since we'd always pig ourselves out when we come over to our parents' houses.

simone's hands were at the back of her grannies. man, she really knows her way to the camera?! as in she hugged her grannies para nga naman maganda sa pic. hahaha. i wish there were Dolan designs light to make this picture more clear.

sa amin naman sya hindi tumingin. hahaha.

strutting her fingers on the piano. cool.

and then clapping to her own performance...

next stop: the tans. :) my sisters in law paraded their own specialties and i'm so proud of them, they're all good cooks!

achie always gives the best gifts for simone. it will always be something that simone does'nt have yet and turns out that simone will really like it. this magnetic board, simple but simone loooves this so much. and napaisip nga ako why i did'nt buy one like this way before pa. hehehe.

we were'nt able to take more family pics where we were at the Tans but nonetheless, we had so much fun. :) we had a christmas party, as in with games, raffle and exchange gifts. so much fun having to see justin and simone played "stop-dance". cuteness!

Merry christmas everyone!

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