Monday, January 11, 2010

The one with a new member

I'am bursting your bubble if you're thinking that a bun is on its way...hahaha...

We got our first blessing last December 28, just right after christmas and before new year. what a way to welcome the year. we are so thankful that God gave us this blessing for us to be able to expand our business and be able to learn how to be good stewards of His blessings too. :)

We prayed about this for quite some time, had some doubts, anxieties and all other mixed emotions. But we ended up feeling more excited and confident that this new step is a good one for our family. It may be just a material blessing but it holds true that this is a step of faith.

Thank you Lord. Welcome to the family, Vin! :)

On the other hand, we had to bid goodbye to our old car. When we handed him over to his new boss, i really felt sad but keeping him will be really impractical for us. I even talked to him while i was driving him for the last time and i thanked him for the service he provided for us. i know that it sounds crazy but Excellent was our car when we started partyboosters and he drove me to all my parties and carried all our party items, despite of his old age and sedan make. i thought i'd get those online life insurance already since we'd drive him anywhere and everywhere without making sure that the car is ready for long trips. but he never failed me so he was still the best :)

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