Monday, January 18, 2010

The one with avatar

Hands down...this is one of the best movies i've seen. It's been a long time since i watched a great movie. and by great, i mean a movie that you would'nt mind watching over and over on the big screen. I wanted to watch it again. I wanted to make up for the 2-minute restroom break i had the first time i watched it. i wanted to feel the 3d experience again. Waah, really worth every cent!

The only thing that kept running my mind while watching the movie was "how the heck did they think of this?" i mean, what was running in their minds while making this movie? it's not your usual storyboard, not your usual setting and definitely not your usual characters specially the body frames of the navis that no diet supplement can promise to give you. haha.

I love how the story unfolded. The trailer was simply an understatement of what the movie could offer. And watching it was made me said this... " ahhh..." or "oh that can be possible" or "oh my gosh". Every scene is worth every cent. :) simply the best.


Shayne said...

對物要珍惜,對事要盡心,對人要感恩。 ..................................................

Faye said...

this is really a nice movie!:)