Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The one with how my day went

Yesterday was a pretty usual day. I got off early, dropped off simone to her lola's house and off to my meetings. My first stop was at A.Venue Hall. When i was at the restroom, I saw a group of high school students in their uniform all giggling while they were telling stories of sorts. I instantly remembered how we were also like them, all loud and giggly. While washing hands, I noticed that a girl was pulling the tissue paper from the dispenser endlessly and then throwing it in the trash without even using it. I was with my "what are you doing?! look" and she just stared back and did it again. I could'nt argue anymore, i don't know how many they are outside and they just might get revenge on me or something and i thought to myself..."we were never like that in high school."

After my meetings, I went on with my grocery. I decided to buy some seafood and vegetables since im trying to you know...cut back on the meat. ahehe. while loading the bags to our car, i noticed that it's starting to smell (the seafood) so i tied the plastic bags hoping that it would'nt smell anymore. i even thought of buying a humidifier filter for that one. geez...OA. haha.

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