Friday, January 08, 2010

The one with row 4

Time flies so fast...yeah we all say that all the time but you know, it really does fly so fast. We celebrated our 4th anniversary last december 22 and can't help but be amazed that we are on our 4th year. Feeling ko lang kasi talaga newlyweds pa rin kami eh. haha. seriously!

We also wondered and realized that as we get to celebrate our anniversary every year, we receive lesser greetings each year. haha. not that we have less friends than before but i guess christmas season is so near that you'd forget any event "not related" to you and/or people just forget. haha. but what's more important is that we never forget to spend it together. :)

We spent our day with Simone. It's my first official holiday break and we headed to the mall to have family bonding time. we spent the day shopping! hahaha. we bought gifts for our families, ate and just had some good christmas-anniversary date :)

I got another LC bag this year. Well, our gifts for each other would always make a christmas/anniv gift. actually, i was teasing simon to buy me matching bag and wallet this time. he was the one who chose the design which was good and at the same time made me a little worried that i might not like the design. hahaha. im sorry, guys are guys! what do they know about bags?! but it came as a surprise that he picked a very good one. nice beh!

thank you for all those four years of marital bliss. and when i say really does feel like it.

thank you for always making me feel like i'm still holding my wedding bouquet. i love you...

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