Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The one with conversations: Simone

As i've mentioned before, my daughter seemed to have grasped a pretty great deal of understanding as to how to be witty and a bit naughty at times. hahaha.  Sometimes, i'd just shake my head after hearing her answers that would drop one's jaw.  And it is with this that i thought of documenting our conversations with the little kiddo.

Sometime before christmas:
simone: mommy pwde na open my gifts?
mommy: it's not yet christmas
s: hindi pa bday ni jesus?
m: hindi pa po
s: san party ni jesus?
...m: our house
s: how old na sya?
m: He's ageless (how do i explain ageless to a 3yo?!)
s: e asan na sya now?
m: our hearts anak (pano naman?!)
s: pano magpaparty sa hearts? (with matching point sa heart)
m: sleep na anak, tom na lang ulit
Scene: malling and simone is tired of walking... carry daw...
Mom: anak, ang bigat bigat mo na e...tapos nagpapabigat ka pa. kargahin mo din sarili mo
Simone: karga ko ako??? (then she puts her hands on her face trying to lift her face up) sabay sabi: "pano ko kakargahin??? di ko kaya oh..tingnan mo...nakadikit face ko sa neck ko e.di pwede yun mommy..."
Mom: LOL
Scene: Mommy and Simone watering the plants...Simone was trying to pull the hose...
Mommy: Anak, stop pulling the hose. lalo kasi nagbubuhol-buhol e.
Simoe: Eh pano po, gusto mo kuha ako suklay? suklayin ko para di na buhol...
Mommy: *rolls eyes* and *laughs*

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The Choco Loco said...

o my, o my ... ibang klase talaga si Simone! One bright child!!! hehehe ... natawa talaga ako jan ha ...