Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The one with new look again

I decided to change the look of my blog. What do you guys think? Is it still readable? i personally like a customized design but i dont know how to and i certainly do not know the right person to talk to regarding HTML codes. (maybe i can just pay for the services...)

On another note,Every year, we have the tradition of meeting every christmas season and everyone will take turns as to who will host the event.  It's Rona's turn and  I had dinner with my college friends and everyone has a new look.  I mean, we all changed.  We used to look soo innocent and angelic, now we look like certified moms (physically and physically, haha) and i can't believe that Cha is the only one who did'nt gain weight...grrrhh...

Thanks rona for the treat! ako na next in line! Hopefully, we'd be able to have it in our new house by then. *cross fingers*

That's it for now...im off to bed...got a long day tomorrow! :)

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