Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The one with February

I'm counting down til Simone's 4th bday. I've got a lot of plans but im not sure if some are even feasible. haha. And i have a lot of things to do in prep for our trip.

~ i have to buy a big travel luggage for us three. i dont want us bringing a lot of bags, just one will be enough but im not really sure if everything will fit. i dont even know how we'd bring the milk and the bottles. got to ask my n@w sisters for it.
~ good thing, kokie mentioned that i need to bring a stroller.  Simone's stroller is big and heavy so kokie volunteered that she'll lend me her daughter's stroller that looks like an umbrella when folded. cool. at least, it's one thing off my "to buy" things but another thing added to my "for pick up" list :P
~ i need to secure the budget we have for the trip
~ i need to double check the budget we allocated
~ i need to buy layers and thermals. it's still cold there in HK.

i think that's it for now. im so excited! it's 19 days to go before our trip! :D

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