Friday, February 18, 2011

The one with fear factor

I only had two hours sleep, its 3am now and i can't go back to sleep again thinking of the party i have to dress up today.  But in my sub-conscious state, i can't find sleep because i'm observing simone's temperature.  yes, she got fever two days ago and she was only fever free yesterday afternoon.  right now, she's 12 hours fever free.  I cried again.  I thought we won't be able to go to our trip because of her fever.  You see, we saved up for it.  The Filipino phrase (dugo't pawis) stands true to how we saved the money for the trip and I'm just so excited coz i know she'll love it there so the thought of the possibility of cancelling everything and money down the drain just makes me more sad.  I know, the health comes first and you can always save again and do it again...but it's just so depressing if we won't be able to spend it the way we thought we'd do it.

But God is really good.  I asked for forgiveness for not believing enough but He knows my heart's desires and what i'm sure is that He has better plans.

Thank you Lord. Simone is now 12 hours fever free.

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brideabi said...

just read this. this was the day i YM'ed you ba? belated hugs to you, sis. and yes, i did visit your blog just to check if you know, nagawa mo na deadline mo. haha! wag ma-pressure! nwei, finally able to book our trip. next time i'll try online booking. praning kasi ako gamit ng credit card. only time i used it was when i ordered from Island Rose. see u arnd, sis!