Sunday, February 27, 2011

The one with simple party

We just got home from simone's 4th birthday celebration.  We really did'nt plan on throwing a party for her as the trip was costly enough.  But she requested specifically for a Hannah Montana party with pink, purple motiff. haha. how can we turn down such request.  So we decided to give her a simple party with our family and close friends.  Simone was so happy to see balloons and a big, big cake made by emily uy.  Of course, it was her gift for simone.  Butch did a magic show, balloon twisting and ventriloquism act that he also gave as a birthday gift for simone.  I love my job! hahaha. we only paid for the food and the lootbags we gave out for the kids.  Jane, my sister in law, prepared a candy buffet (which i love by the way) and cupcakes too!  we had a lot of cupcakes that all our guests were able to take home about two to three each. hahaha.  I thought they'd need to buy food storage for the goodies they took home. :)

thank you so much for those who came. :) happy birthday again simone! we love you! pictures will follow...promise! :)

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