Sunday, February 27, 2011

The one with finally home :)

First of all, I will post a separate entry on how our trip went. But it was indeed a very memorable one.  I thanked God that He healed simone from her flu and fever before our flight.  We are so happy that we can't believe that we were able to send her to hongkong to celebrate her 4th birthday.  I was even teary-eyed cried when we got there, the feeling is overwhelming :)  All in all, our trip was a very happy and "sulit" trip.  The efforts, money spent for the trip and the time we gave were all worth it.  Now that we're back home, the only thing i need to do is learn how to remove dark circles. haha. i need to catch up on sleep. :)

More posts about the trip. I know Abi you need to read the post before you leave for hk. :) haha.

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brideabi said...

mismo! ;) soo looking forward.