Sunday, February 27, 2011

The One With Busy Days

Like I mentioned, we threw an intimate party for Simone following a busy weekend full of parties and a tiring but enjoyable trip to HK. I feel so tired I feel like taking health supplements and reading some lipozene reviews for instant remedy. hehe.

I'm just so glad it's Monday again and I can have some quiet time with my family. I just love Mondays! Don't you? hahaha! My week always starts on Tuesdays :)

So, I'll leave you now to enjoy my day. Hope you had a happy, busy, tiring but fun weekend too!

The one with abrupt

In almost five days that we spent on our vacay, i was surprised that i started eating rice again.  I had this thinking of eating a lot so i'd make it for the whole day.  And to add to that, the cool weather pushed our appetite up since it always feels good to eat when it's cold. hahaha.  i think it's just a pinoy culture.  So even if it has always been two days since we got back, i can feel myself bloating already.  I just hope i can buy one of those mens fat burner so it would somehow help shed some pounds away...i hope. :) 

The one with simple party

We just got home from simone's 4th birthday celebration.  We really did'nt plan on throwing a party for her as the trip was costly enough.  But she requested specifically for a Hannah Montana party with pink, purple motiff. haha. how can we turn down such request.  So we decided to give her a simple party with our family and close friends.  Simone was so happy to see balloons and a big, big cake made by emily uy.  Of course, it was her gift for simone.  Butch did a magic show, balloon twisting and ventriloquism act that he also gave as a birthday gift for simone.  I love my job! hahaha. we only paid for the food and the lootbags we gave out for the kids.  Jane, my sister in law, prepared a candy buffet (which i love by the way) and cupcakes too!  we had a lot of cupcakes that all our guests were able to take home about two to three each. hahaha.  I thought they'd need to buy food storage for the goodies they took home. :)

thank you so much for those who came. :) happy birthday again simone! we love you! pictures will follow...promise! :)

The one with beauty day

I badly need one.  After our trip in hongkong and macau, my face kinda got dry because of the cool weather there.  My face started peeling and i think a blackhead removal is just one of the things to do aside from going back to controlling food intake and having a good manicure and pedicure. hahaha. Right after our trip, i had five events the weekend after so i had no time to rest nor have the things i mentioned above.  But i hope i'll have it tomorrow since it's our family day, we'd have more time to relax.  :)

The one with finally home :)

First of all, I will post a separate entry on how our trip went. But it was indeed a very memorable one.  I thanked God that He healed simone from her flu and fever before our flight.  We are so happy that we can't believe that we were able to send her to hongkong to celebrate her 4th birthday.  I was even teary-eyed cried when we got there, the feeling is overwhelming :)  All in all, our trip was a very happy and "sulit" trip.  The efforts, money spent for the trip and the time we gave were all worth it.  Now that we're back home, the only thing i need to do is learn how to remove dark circles. haha. i need to catch up on sleep. :)

More posts about the trip. I know Abi you need to read the post before you leave for hk. :) haha.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The one with fear factor

I only had two hours sleep, its 3am now and i can't go back to sleep again thinking of the party i have to dress up today.  But in my sub-conscious state, i can't find sleep because i'm observing simone's temperature.  yes, she got fever two days ago and she was only fever free yesterday afternoon.  right now, she's 12 hours fever free.  I cried again.  I thought we won't be able to go to our trip because of her fever.  You see, we saved up for it.  The Filipino phrase (dugo't pawis) stands true to how we saved the money for the trip and I'm just so excited coz i know she'll love it there so the thought of the possibility of cancelling everything and money down the drain just makes me more sad.  I know, the health comes first and you can always save again and do it again...but it's just so depressing if we won't be able to spend it the way we thought we'd do it.

But God is really good.  I asked for forgiveness for not believing enough but He knows my heart's desires and what i'm sure is that He has better plans.

Thank you Lord. Simone is now 12 hours fever free.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The one with conversations: Simone

As i've mentioned before, my daughter seemed to have grasped a pretty great deal of understanding as to how to be witty and a bit naughty at times. hahaha.  Sometimes, i'd just shake my head after hearing her answers that would drop one's jaw.  And it is with this that i thought of documenting our conversations with the little kiddo.

Sometime before christmas:
simone: mommy pwde na open my gifts?
mommy: it's not yet christmas
s: hindi pa bday ni jesus?
m: hindi pa po
s: san party ni jesus?
...m: our house
s: how old na sya?
m: He's ageless (how do i explain ageless to a 3yo?!)
s: e asan na sya now?
m: our hearts anak (pano naman?!)
s: pano magpaparty sa hearts? (with matching point sa heart)
m: sleep na anak, tom na lang ulit
Scene: malling and simone is tired of walking... carry daw...
Mom: anak, ang bigat bigat mo na e...tapos nagpapabigat ka pa. kargahin mo din sarili mo
Simone: karga ko ako??? (then she puts her hands on her face trying to lift her face up) sabay sabi: "pano ko kakargahin??? di ko kaya oh..tingnan mo...nakadikit face ko sa neck ko e.di pwede yun mommy..."
Mom: LOL
Scene: Mommy and Simone watering the plants...Simone was trying to pull the hose...
Mommy: Anak, stop pulling the hose. lalo kasi nagbubuhol-buhol e.
Simoe: Eh pano po, gusto mo kuha ako suklay? suklayin ko para di na buhol...
Mommy: *rolls eyes* and *laughs*

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The one with February

I'm counting down til Simone's 4th bday. I've got a lot of plans but im not sure if some are even feasible. haha. And i have a lot of things to do in prep for our trip.

~ i have to buy a big travel luggage for us three. i dont want us bringing a lot of bags, just one will be enough but im not really sure if everything will fit. i dont even know how we'd bring the milk and the bottles. got to ask my n@w sisters for it.
~ good thing, kokie mentioned that i need to bring a stroller.  Simone's stroller is big and heavy so kokie volunteered that she'll lend me her daughter's stroller that looks like an umbrella when folded. cool. at least, it's one thing off my "to buy" things but another thing added to my "for pick up" list :P
~ i need to secure the budget we have for the trip
~ i need to double check the budget we allocated
~ i need to buy layers and thermals. it's still cold there in HK.

i think that's it for now. im so excited! it's 19 days to go before our trip! :D

The one with new look again

I decided to change the look of my blog. What do you guys think? Is it still readable? i personally like a customized design but i dont know how to and i certainly do not know the right person to talk to regarding HTML codes. (maybe i can just pay for the services...)

On another note,Every year, we have the tradition of meeting every christmas season and everyone will take turns as to who will host the event.  It's Rona's turn and  I had dinner with my college friends and everyone has a new look.  I mean, we all changed.  We used to look soo innocent and angelic, now we look like certified moms (physically and physically, haha) and i can't believe that Cha is the only one who did'nt gain weight...grrrhh...

Thanks rona for the treat! ako na next in line! Hopefully, we'd be able to have it in our new house by then. *cross fingers*

That's it for off to a long day tomorrow! :)