Sunday, March 15, 2009

The one with long weekend

I had one. Well, it was one of the usual weekends with events but as usual, it was both fun and tiring at the same time. Yesterday, we had two events, and then right after the second one i had to meet with a client pa and then dropped off the order of another client (for their give-aways) and went home na to fetch simone and prep ourselves for a family dinner since we're celebrating Lola Alma's birthday :) (simon's mom) we had fun taking pictures, eating, chatting na feeling namin house namin ang Don Hen. hahaha. :) everything's good. Happy bday Ma!

And then sunday, I had to wake up early to meet my staff to give instructions for the day's event. I was'nt able to drop by at this event since we had to attend to another family affair. when we got home in the afternoon, i was so tired and i felt taking an afternoon nap, more like a power nap. so i dozed off and did'nt even bother to ask simon to take care of simone first. well, we were in the same room rin lang naman. i so love my husband and my daughter. simone did'nt even disturb me while i was snoring, haha. and the husband, even if he was tired himself too, babysat simone during my nap. :) and yes, after a long while, i finally had a 3-hour afternoon nap! im soo happy! hahaha

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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