Sunday, March 08, 2009

The one with ten, ten, ten, ten

I did'nt know W@w is doing this for former w@wies so when i saw this post from jane, i tagged myself. hehe. thanks jane!

(In celebration of W@W 10th Year Anniversary, John Rana created a tag for former W@Wies to answer).

Instructions: Delete my answers and fill up with yours. Then tag 10 of your W@Wie friends (if possible) to pass.

1. Your W@ W tenure (indicate the year and/or month)
- It's December of 2004 up to May 2006. yes, i have to wait for my other w@wie friends to get married first before i can unsubscribe.

2. Best W@Wie idea you picked up & used for your wedding
- all the DIY projects i made. parang kulang na lang pati gown ko i-diy ko. hahaha.

3. Most active W@Wie Groom in your batch
- Hmm, I knew this guy who got married in coconut palace. His name is Mike. He's not that really super active but we were corresponding too thru mails. He's based in dubai. after his wedding (which i was invited by the way, thanks mike), he gave away the luminaries that they made too, materials are hard plastic from dubai which after my wedding, i also donated to the w@wies and i think a couple of w@wies were able to use them until masira na lang.

4. Funniest /most memorable W@W eGroup moment
- When I got two w@wie recognition during the EB. Before the actual EB, everyone was nominating someone and casting their votes. when i learned that i was a nominee, feeling ko oscar's nomination ito. hahaha. no kidding! di ko naman kasi na-realize that they will really vote for me kaya super touched ako when benz mentioned my name and i had to go to the front...twice! thanks so much! sabi ko nga nun, (i can still remember it), we help each other not because we want to be popular, but we help because its our way of giving back what w@w has done for us and as long as a bride is helping other brides to have their dream wedding too, the vision and mission of w@w lives on. well, i didnt say those words exactly pero parang ganun. hahaha.

5. Most active/helpful W@Wie in your batch
- hmm, madami in our batch. Mec was one of those and she was even awarded as Most Helpful :)

6. Favorite W@W event (event | year)
- W@W EB kasi first time ko na-meet silang lahat. :) it was so much fun putting faces to their names. and everytime i look at the pictures, can't help but be amazed how one can really form friendships thru the net. the wonders nga naman...

7. Favorite W@Wie wedding (aside from yours)
- I was able to attend w@wie weddings and i think concon's wedding was one memorable day. i still can remember her walk and when her mom hugged her so tight, it was like she does'nt want to let her go. hehe. and all of us were crying already. :)
- I also love christian weddings and sunset weddings of w@wies.
- Marami ako gusto imention na magagandang weddings from w@w kasi marami talaga nice weddings. :)

8. W@W souvenir/keepsake you still have in possession (i.e books, calendars, shirt, buttons)

marami ako nyan! i still have the w@w shirt, i have two more pouches of the "Bagged the perfect partner" print; i have the W@wie bride pin, i have my two awards (naks!) i have two w@wie yellow pages. meron din ako nung chinese book kahit di naman kme chinese wedding. haha.

9. Your W@W BFF(s)
- Madami din! Wella ni Nikky, Mec ni Jojo, Mai ni Paul, Yna ni Xean, Karla ni Alex, Charie ni Mac, Tin ni Archie, Chris ni Wendell, Con ni Nel, Dee ni Denis, Jeng ni Jeff, Rhea ni Nap, Ayn ni Loy, Lea ni Francis, Cathy ni Randy

- 10. Your W@Wie signature

Jacque ni Simon
Dec. 22, 2005
Puerta Real Gardens

And now I'm tagging all my CWL friends and my coffee and dinner out friends who were all former w@wies! :)


Joanne MV said...

Hi Jacque! Glad you like the tag ;)

Nasa FB kasi yung tag na ito, kinuha ko tapos post ko sa blog...hehehe Ü

jeng said...

I was supposed to tag you with this one pero I thought na malamang ginawa mo na itech. Attend kayo ng w@w 10th year anniversary?

Joanne MV said...

Hi Jeng! I will be there! ;)