Monday, March 16, 2009

The one with my loyal dog

Ross has always been there for us. He makes sure that our house is well-guarded specially when we go out and no one is left at home. He's always malambing. Simone loves him dearly. He never complains about him not being bathed everyday anymore. He never complains about not having a pooch bed for him. He's always contented with what he has.

And because it's rabies awareness month, i made sure that he gets his dose of vaccine this month. it's kinda overdue na nga e. and to reward him for being a very good baby, i bought him some cattle supplies and pooch supplies that he can play with. I don't play with him na kasi that often since simone was born.

We love you Ross!

Aug. 2006 (Ross is the same age as Simone, gestational age ni simone. hehe)

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"Q" said...

Rooooooss! :P Makulit na Rooosssss!