Friday, March 27, 2009

The one with summer na!

Well, it's been raining for two days already but what the heck, summer pa rin! nyahaha. below are pics of simone on one of her inflatables. she was given three inflatable pools on her 1st birthday, as in all in varying sizes, so cool! and this is the first time we used this one.

"nasa lilim pa kasi takot mangitim" (took the shade so she won't get dark)

pero di na rin nakayanan at naglaro na talaga. this is the part where she said "mommy, wait" coz i was asking her to dry up already which of course she did'nt wanted. :)

one of her award-winning moments. she was actually "crying" coz she does'nt want to go out of the pool amidst her dad and mom's calls. kunwari umiiyak, hindi naman totoo. hahaha.


Rocks said...

She's so cute :) magaling na mag drama..haha!

"Q" said...

hahaha! Simone is a drama queen :)

Gig Music Studio said...

ang cute ni simone. gusto ko sya i-kiss, may something tito christian sa mukha nya :)