Sunday, March 15, 2009

The one with still can't believe

I'm no Francis M. fanatic. But I loved his love for the country and his way of expressing it. Truly, there's only one Francis M. and I may not have known this before but i'm pretty sure i'll miss his music. I practically grew up with his music. From Mga Kababayan ko, to Kaleidoscope World, to Cold summer nights, etc. and i've memorized his songs hangga't kayo ko, pati yung mga rap parts. hahaha. And I'm just glad that my generation was one of the generations that he was part of. :) kasi talk about him to a teen now and they'd go, "ahh, parang si Cloc 9?" hehe.

I know he does'nt even know me at all and i know his family have received a lot of thank you's already but again, Thank you for the legacy you left in the music industry. It's been a week of tributes for him and when i saw the service held for him, can't help but cry. but everything happens for a reason and i'm glad that his wife is just as strong to handle this.

Hay, where can i buy the 3 stars and a sun shirts? I want one!

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geWi said...

ako rin naiyak!! (lalo na nung si vic nagsasalita sa EB.. arrgh i hate seeing grown men cry.. pati si allan k, pwede palang magdrama kasi naiyak din ako sa kanya eh!)

kasi nga, generation naten tlga yung music nya.. kaya super affected tayo.