Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The one with lifestyle change

Change is always good. It's the only permanent thing in this world right? Simon and I have been discussing about our family and what we plan to do and have for the next years to come. and we are really serious in looking for the perfect house for our family. If you've read my previous posts, we have met with our godparents who are the owners of the house. hmm, now we're having second thoughts coz we think we won't be able to meet their offer plus, we realized that we wanted a new house, something that we don't have to worry for the renovation of.

so anyway, we were scouting for options and when we were malling in megamall yesterday, we were welcomed with a lot of agents. one offer that interested us is the townhouse in sandoval pasig. it's perfect coz it's near c5(closer to simon's ofc), near our in-laws and my parents' too. but since they're still pre-selling and no specific details yet, we will just have to wait.

and then just this morning, we went out again to check on other houses near LRT station. we saw this condominium for rent and we got intrigued. the rent is just 1k difference from our lease rate now and it's more convenient, transpo wise. right now kasi, i use the car and simon commutes. well, more like taxi rides so more or less he spends about 10k a month just for transpo and we were thinking of renting the condo unit so we can save more to be able to pay for the house we wanted. :)

so the big question is, "are we up for the challenge?" can we live in a 30sq.m space and give up the big house we are in now? can we sacrifice our love for big space and accept the condo living so we can save more for the house we really wanted?

hmm, this is a major decision and i know we really have to pray for this. we don't want to make drastic moves. but what do i feel about it? i'm more excited actually! i dont know, for some reason, it feels more convenient and the savings will really go a long way for the house. :)

will update you more. in the meantime, compute muna ako. hahaha. :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

The one with summer na!

Well, it's been raining for two days already but what the heck, summer pa rin! nyahaha. below are pics of simone on one of her inflatables. she was given three inflatable pools on her 1st birthday, as in all in varying sizes, so cool! and this is the first time we used this one.

"nasa lilim pa kasi takot mangitim" (took the shade so she won't get dark)

pero di na rin nakayanan at naglaro na talaga. this is the part where she said "mommy, wait" coz i was asking her to dry up already which of course she did'nt wanted. :)

one of her award-winning moments. she was actually "crying" coz she does'nt want to go out of the pool amidst her dad and mom's calls. kunwari umiiyak, hindi naman totoo. hahaha.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The one with sisterhood tag

Thanks Naan for this award. I miss you na!

Now here are the rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

I want to pass this award to my CWL sisters. I thank them for the gift of friendship we share and sisters talaga for life :)

The one with confused

April is nearing....yikes! It always puts a little extra pressure on me during this month since it's my husband's birthday. I really wanted to purchase something that he likes, something na mejo luho. ahehe. but i also have to think of our budget and our savings. Plus, i'm really looking forward to us having a decent vacation, just us three. (kaya ako nagpapapayat) and another dilemma to add to that is the home theater furniture we've been drooling for months. hahaha. so what do you think i should do?
- Option A: give in to his one of his wishlists: a digital piano
- Option B: save it up for a trip this year
- Option C: digital piano plus a family outing with our families (fermins and tans)
- Option D: buy the furniture and never mind if he does'nt feel like it's his bday gift.
- Option E: sleep it through the day!

cast your votes now. :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The one with Day 1

This is my YM status today. And a couple of friends asked me what's it about. hahaha. It's my first day of deciding to be fit and be healthy. For the past few weeks, I really felt bloated and big. as in, feeling ko my tummy has its own 3-pack version, yun nga lang bulging yung akin. hahaha. and it's been days already that i've been wanting to go brisk walking at Club Manila East but it never happened...until today!

Yey, and I'm just so happy I did it. i mean, i don't know if i can maintain it for a long time but i'm happy i overcame my "sleepy head self" and dragged myself at 6am to walk. and with concon's gift to me, was able to monitor my steps which reached 5k. half nako to my 10,000 steps a day! yey! hahaha.

i really wanted to look slimmer and more fit. coz i know i'll look better with my bod before. i also wanted to start having a skin regimen. my skin is starting to break out. waah! wanted to have a microdermabrasion but found it really expensive. hahaha, the thrifty in me. so the question is, "will there be a day 2?" you'll find out tomorrow! wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The one with best buys

Kakatuwa lang today, dami ko nabili na best buys. para sa inyo na hindi nakaka-alam, mahilig po ako sa mga great deals. :) minsan nga, hinahalughog ko pa ang malls para makabili lang ng mga sa tingin ko eh sulit sa presyo. :)

well, i could'nt post the pics kasi tinatamad ako. hahaha. pero i was able to buy simon a polo shirt that's 50% off, so masaya nako dun. kala ko yun na, when we dropped by at my parents' house, i remembered that it's been a while since i last visited my clothing haven sa greenpark. there's this one store kasi na bagsakan ng mga overruns so i regularly check out the place to see if may bagong items. :) so i chanced upon and to my delight, maraming bagong stocks. i was able to buy shirts with bling-blings at 140 each lang. winner talaga! and Izod polo shirt for simon at 140 rin. hahaha. tapos Gap jeans for simone at 100 each. o diba?! masaya! syempre, medyo tyambahan sya. tapos yun nga, hindi sya aircon so you have to go there tipong gabi para di mainit. tapos walang matinong fitting room, yung mga ganun. so kung maarte ka, di ka pwede dun. hehe. ako, i dont fit there. basta bumibili lang ako. :)

another best buy was the Crocs athens i bought from a fellow n@wie. actually, kaya lang naman sya best buy was that i was able to buy it at the same price as when she bought it from that over-crowded crocs megasale. pero when i got it, malaki rin pala sa ken :( hehe. hadhad kasi ako. hahaha.

yun lang, napa-share lang. sleep nako! may isa pa akong kwento tungkol sa isang encounter ko with a client. sa isa kong blog popost. hehe.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The one with my loyal dog

Ross has always been there for us. He makes sure that our house is well-guarded specially when we go out and no one is left at home. He's always malambing. Simone loves him dearly. He never complains about him not being bathed everyday anymore. He never complains about not having a pooch bed for him. He's always contented with what he has.

And because it's rabies awareness month, i made sure that he gets his dose of vaccine this month. it's kinda overdue na nga e. and to reward him for being a very good baby, i bought him some cattle supplies and pooch supplies that he can play with. I don't play with him na kasi that often since simone was born.

We love you Ross!

Aug. 2006 (Ross is the same age as Simone, gestational age ni simone. hehe)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The one with still can't believe

I'm no Francis M. fanatic. But I loved his love for the country and his way of expressing it. Truly, there's only one Francis M. and I may not have known this before but i'm pretty sure i'll miss his music. I practically grew up with his music. From Mga Kababayan ko, to Kaleidoscope World, to Cold summer nights, etc. and i've memorized his songs hangga't kayo ko, pati yung mga rap parts. hahaha. And I'm just glad that my generation was one of the generations that he was part of. :) kasi talk about him to a teen now and they'd go, "ahh, parang si Cloc 9?" hehe.

I know he does'nt even know me at all and i know his family have received a lot of thank you's already but again, Thank you for the legacy you left in the music industry. It's been a week of tributes for him and when i saw the service held for him, can't help but cry. but everything happens for a reason and i'm glad that his wife is just as strong to handle this.

Hay, where can i buy the 3 stars and a sun shirts? I want one!

The one with long weekend

I had one. Well, it was one of the usual weekends with events but as usual, it was both fun and tiring at the same time. Yesterday, we had two events, and then right after the second one i had to meet with a client pa and then dropped off the order of another client (for their give-aways) and went home na to fetch simone and prep ourselves for a family dinner since we're celebrating Lola Alma's birthday :) (simon's mom) we had fun taking pictures, eating, chatting na feeling namin house namin ang Don Hen. hahaha. :) everything's good. Happy bday Ma!

And then sunday, I had to wake up early to meet my staff to give instructions for the day's event. I was'nt able to drop by at this event since we had to attend to another family affair. when we got home in the afternoon, i was so tired and i felt taking an afternoon nap, more like a power nap. so i dozed off and did'nt even bother to ask simon to take care of simone first. well, we were in the same room rin lang naman. i so love my husband and my daughter. simone did'nt even disturb me while i was snoring, haha. and the husband, even if he was tired himself too, babysat simone during my nap. :) and yes, after a long while, i finally had a 3-hour afternoon nap! im soo happy! hahaha

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The one with this is how it will look like

If we were given two babies agad, i think this is how it will probably look like...

sabi ko naman, never sit beside these two without powder on. ayan tuloy, mukha ako ulikba sa kanilang dalawa. hahaha.

simone is more like an achie talaga with justin. although, they don't like sharing toys at times. hehe, when justin, much to his amusement, slaps her achie simone, she will just pretend to cry and go to me and point where she has been "slapped". hehe, she never fought back :)

my SIL gave simone these sketch pads and colored pencils from her korean boyfriend james. simone loves it so much. and look howhow much theyve colored and doodled here. :)

i still have to imagine myself with having two kids. honestly, it scares the heck out of me. pero yun nga, if it's meant to be, then we welcome it with open arms :) but as for now, these are my two babies and i love them to bits! :)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

The one with ten, ten, ten, ten

I did'nt know W@w is doing this for former w@wies so when i saw this post from jane, i tagged myself. hehe. thanks jane!

(In celebration of W@W 10th Year Anniversary, John Rana created a tag for former W@Wies to answer).

Instructions: Delete my answers and fill up with yours. Then tag 10 of your W@Wie friends (if possible) to pass.

1. Your W@ W tenure (indicate the year and/or month)
- It's December of 2004 up to May 2006. yes, i have to wait for my other w@wie friends to get married first before i can unsubscribe.

2. Best W@Wie idea you picked up & used for your wedding
- all the DIY projects i made. parang kulang na lang pati gown ko i-diy ko. hahaha.

3. Most active W@Wie Groom in your batch
- Hmm, I knew this guy who got married in coconut palace. His name is Mike. He's not that really super active but we were corresponding too thru mails. He's based in dubai. after his wedding (which i was invited by the way, thanks mike), he gave away the luminaries that they made too, materials are hard plastic from dubai which after my wedding, i also donated to the w@wies and i think a couple of w@wies were able to use them until masira na lang.

4. Funniest /most memorable W@W eGroup moment
- When I got two w@wie recognition during the EB. Before the actual EB, everyone was nominating someone and casting their votes. when i learned that i was a nominee, feeling ko oscar's nomination ito. hahaha. no kidding! di ko naman kasi na-realize that they will really vote for me kaya super touched ako when benz mentioned my name and i had to go to the front...twice! thanks so much! sabi ko nga nun, (i can still remember it), we help each other not because we want to be popular, but we help because its our way of giving back what w@w has done for us and as long as a bride is helping other brides to have their dream wedding too, the vision and mission of w@w lives on. well, i didnt say those words exactly pero parang ganun. hahaha.

5. Most active/helpful W@Wie in your batch
- hmm, madami in our batch. Mec was one of those and she was even awarded as Most Helpful :)

6. Favorite W@W event (event | year)
- W@W EB kasi first time ko na-meet silang lahat. :) it was so much fun putting faces to their names. and everytime i look at the pictures, can't help but be amazed how one can really form friendships thru the net. the wonders nga naman...

7. Favorite W@Wie wedding (aside from yours)
- I was able to attend w@wie weddings and i think concon's wedding was one memorable day. i still can remember her walk and when her mom hugged her so tight, it was like she does'nt want to let her go. hehe. and all of us were crying already. :)
- I also love christian weddings and sunset weddings of w@wies.
- Marami ako gusto imention na magagandang weddings from w@w kasi marami talaga nice weddings. :)

8. W@W souvenir/keepsake you still have in possession (i.e books, calendars, shirt, buttons)

marami ako nyan! i still have the w@w shirt, i have two more pouches of the "Bagged the perfect partner" print; i have the W@wie bride pin, i have my two awards (naks!) i have two w@wie yellow pages. meron din ako nung chinese book kahit di naman kme chinese wedding. haha.

9. Your W@W BFF(s)
- Madami din! Wella ni Nikky, Mec ni Jojo, Mai ni Paul, Yna ni Xean, Karla ni Alex, Charie ni Mac, Tin ni Archie, Chris ni Wendell, Con ni Nel, Dee ni Denis, Jeng ni Jeff, Rhea ni Nap, Ayn ni Loy, Lea ni Francis, Cathy ni Randy

- 10. Your W@Wie signature

Jacque ni Simon
Dec. 22, 2005
Puerta Real Gardens

And now I'm tagging all my CWL friends and my coffee and dinner out friends who were all former w@wies! :)

Monday, March 02, 2009

The one with further education

if you the upper left corner of this page, there's a section called profile and you can see how young i'am now. hehe. in a few months, i'll be out of the young twenties and will also welcome myself to the mid-life of 30's. :) and i can't help but think if further education will still be practical for me. I know I wanted to educate myself more on events, flower arrangements, and stuff regarding what i do now but if i wanted to enroll myself in a school, i think online programs will be more practical.

I encountered a program that can guarantee you an online Project Management Certificate and when i browsed on what courses they are offering, I was quite impressed of how vast their curriculum is. They offer programs from engineering managers, to business analysts, to teacher assistants and procurement jobs. They also include the expected salary range that one can get should you complete this program as part of your credentials.

I think it's pretty cool considering that you can finish the program online and make yourself more productive and educated. :)

The one with terrible two dose

Before simone turned two, i've been wondering how she'd be like once she welcomes herself to what they call the terrible two stage. She's generally behaved kasi and i'd like to believe (that time) that maybe, just maybe, we won't have to go thru that terrible stage at all.

Although i have yet to encounter such an experience of that kind, im starting to think that she's been welcomed to that phase already and she embraced it gladly. hahaha. i think the reason is that they're more intelligent now, they wanted things on their own although for some things, they can't still do it but since they think they can, they get frustrated and the terriblish things happen. haha. And since they can also communicate with you, they feel they're more matured now, that they can get what they want when they want it. So i really feel that discipline should seriously start at this age. Like just this afternoon, yaya maru took the day off so im left with her after simon took off for work na. she feels so sleepy already but she did'nt want to sleep yet. she cried and cried and i just ignored her. as in pure snob of what whining and crying of sorts. until she held out her arms and asked if she could be carried. she got tired from all the crying until she fell asleep na. im proud of myself for being able to stop myself from giving in to her wants and im so proud that she also obeyed me (well, after all the crying, hehe)

I guess that's how it really is. I just hope the terrible two does'nt become a terrible three, or four, or five...nyahaha. i had some work holding me today but since i just wanted to be just a mommy right now, i might just do it later in the evening. :)