Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The One With Praying For A Complete Healing

I am happy that my father in law is now home, albeit conditionally. He was hospitalized for prostate gland problems last week and the threat of an operation is still hanging over our heads till now. But we’re all praying for his complete healing and hoping that come next week, when he’ll be examined again for any improvement, he’ll be declared fit and as good as new by his doctors.

And now that he’s home, I hope the heat won’t get in the way of his full recovery. Because it’s really hot these days. I don’t think it’s ever been this hot in Manila before. And I can’t imagine it getting even hotter like the Weather Bureau said it will. And I hope that everything will come back to normal ‘coz it feels really weird these days. We weren’t able to celebrate Simon’s birthday in a swimming trip with the family and for years, it’s been a sort of tradition to go swimming on his birthday. So, it’s a no celebration and a worrisome summer for us this year (I know summer means more excuses for you to go on island vacation and coat yourself with Curacao jewelry and fancy beads). But I have great faith that it will be better next year. He hasn’t failed us yet.

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