Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The one with just one wish

Despite my long blog posts, I still find my head floating these days.  I'm too pre-occupied with what the family is going through.  Our parents are getting old, they're not their usual healthy selves and at times, i'd catch myself in denial of these things like when my mom complains of her acid reflux, i would immediately get irritated and would ask her to go to a doctor and treat it right away.  I did'nt want to dwelve on the idea that they are getting old, needed more medical attention and that at times, they may not be able to do things the way they used to.  And i feel sad about this...big time!

My dad had a gall stone operation just last month.  And next is his kidney check up.  My mom still has acid reflux and she has to be under medication or else there'd be attacks again.  My dad in law, is the one with the  most serious condition now.  He has prostate, hernia, severe cough and blood pressure shooting up to 200.  We've been bringing him to the doctor for the past two weeks and we are fervently praying that the prostate minimizes in two weeks time. 

I know that these things really happen... I know that they won't live forever but if i could just have one wish... I hope they'd all grow old until their hair is gray and that they would live to the fullest knowing that they've done all that God wanted them to do. I also wish that i have more time for them, more money to spend for their needs so that they'd have one thing less to worry.  We love our parents so much, we work hard to give them what they all deserve. And I know God hears our prayers.

Thank you Lord for being in control.

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The Wifey Diaries said...

Prayers move mountains... Keep on praying. Never lose your faith in Him.