Monday, May 23, 2011

The one with pearl day

It's a good family bonding time.  We attended a birthday party at Shakey's.  It's very rare that I attend parties where in i'll just sit down and not care anything about the party -- just eat and have a good time with my kid. I'm not used to it but once in a while, it's a good experience. haha. After that, we headed to Podium mall.  I did some bank errands and collected a cheque from san miguel, just across the mall.  When i went back, Simone wanted Starbucks so we had coffee and she had a venti choco frap and choco donut. After the coffee time, we strolled and then transferred to St. Francis Square and bought some dvd's.  I forgot how nice it is to shop there.  It's airconditioned, nice items and less shoppers for a weekday. :) I bought a pair of red shoes for everyday use.  I also bought two pairs of pearl earrings.  It's really nice.  I got the gray one and the white one.  I've always loved pearls and I'm excited to wear them. hehe.

I also bought some baking stuff even though i don't really bake. hahaha. i dont know, i love baking and cooking items, i always find myself bagging some items i would'nt really need knowing that someday, i would find time to do such or find money to buy me an oven. ahehe. Maybe next time i should be looking for items that would make me sexy like creatine powders, L-carnitine drinks and exercise equipments. hahaha.

Thanks beh and baby for a wonderful day with you two. love you!

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