Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The one with school hunting...check!

We enrolled simone to a development school last year, thinking that it was a progressive school.  But to my dismay, it was a traditional school and we found out that simone did'nt fit well.  When i say fit, it would'nt mean she's part of the bottom-half, on the other hand, she excelled academically.  When she took the first quarter exams, she aced it without me having to review her.  It was the teaching process and the environment that she found more like a "routine".  My daughter easily gets things, she easily learns things, whether i teach it to her or not and one thing i noticed that seemed to be very distinct was that once she learned something, she does'nt like repeating herself and re-learning it.  So, long story short, the school year was a mere 2-month stay and we had to pay everything in full.  We learned our lesson...I learned my lesson and this time, i wanted to do all my research.

I read about progressive schools after a co-nawie introduced it to me saying that the kind of teaching they do might fit simone.  I made researches and thoroughly read about teacher tina's blog.  Her blog is very informative, mind you.  After a lot of researches, i realized that yes, this might be the right school for Simone.  I talked to the husband and discussed the matters with him.  He has his own concerns too but he readily liked progressive teaching, thinking that this will fit for simone more.  I've tried inquiring to about three or four schools but the location is just far from our house.  I also wanted to check out UP-CDC but i was told the getting a slot is like passing thru a needle. so maybe we can try next year. I went to KILA after a good friend, abi, mentioned it to me. she's enrolling aliya there this school year.  I dropped by to check it out.  I was with simone then and was pleased that she liked the school, she did'nt want to leave.   We then asked for a schedule of assessment.  She had a 30-minute assessment.  Before it started, the teacher asked me as to why Simone was accelerated for 2 levels last year (from Pre-nursery to Jr. kinder) and after the assessment, the teacher approached me and said that no wonder why she was accelerated, she was advance for her age.  Simone showed the teacher how to write all letters, read some words and showed that she knows her shapes well.  I did'nt want to be overwhelmed again of the "advancement" of my kid as i just want to treat her as a pre-school kid.  I don't want to make the same mistake of "yeah-lets-accelerate-her" decision as i know every kid has his/her own pace.  And i think the teacher felt my nonchalant reaction and she readily answered and assured me that if ever they see that she's advance for her age and level, that's the only time that they will give her extra materials to enhance her learning skills. other than that, everything will remain the same. :) i felt assured that this time, Simone might really finish this school year. hahaha.

So we reserved a slot for Simone at KILA.  I'm still open to other options like homeschooling (if ever this doesn't work for simone but really, i have yet to convince myself that i CAN do homeschooling) or other schools like UP-CDC or the learning tree. :)

I still want to consider the psychpros test that my friend told me about but i just could'nt find their office and the test is for 4.5 yo so i think i have to make a schedule for it already as getting a slot for the test is like 6 months in advance. yikes!

Good luck with this school year...and the tuition fees! hahaha.

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