Monday, May 16, 2011

The one with it's all in the looks

When i turned the big 3-0 almost two years ago, i still did'nt think much of having to take care of my skin and my body but lately, i've been more conscious to do so.  i think i'm starting to look like in my thirties. not that it bothers me, i just don't want to look anything older than i'am.  hahaha.  With this, let me share some not-so-pricey over the counter items that i'm using now.

Myra Vita-White Moisturizer with sunblock -- i love this product! as in it makes my skin smooth and clearer. it's does'nt leave that much oil to my skin and blends well with any of my make-up :)

Nivea body oil -- this is their new product in lieu of the Nivea Body and Soul oil.  I put this right after taking a bath, and you still have a little water on your skin :) i think it's working. :)

I'm just thankful that my face is low-maintenance as i'am very lazy with the 3-step basic regimen.  One time i read about an article at and learning how controversial the treatment was, i just decided to be simple and low-key in maintaining my face and skin. :)


Jehzeel Laurente said...

naligaw lng po ako sa cute mong blog while searching for dr. madrigal-dy's name. hehehe. :D

jacque said...

thanks for dropping by. :)