Saturday, May 07, 2011

The one with mother's day

Happy mother's day! Hey yeah, this is our day!!!

Before, I've used to treat mother's day as just one of the days where we would take out our mom for lunch or dinner, so it was just one of those days to fill in our stomachs.  But now that i'm a mom, i've valued this day more and leveled it up to a semi-holiday for us. (but since i'd still be working today, it's a working holiday, ahahha)

Happy mother's day to all! Celebrate the awesomeness of being a mom! Hooray! Enjoy the extra love this day...and of course the gifts, may it be in the form of pink flowers, jewelry, designer bags, perfumes (haha, i sounded materialistic).  All i want today is good health for my family and hugs and kisses from my husband and kiddo. That's good enough for me :)

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