Saturday, May 07, 2011

The one with couple's vanity day

Right after holy week, I took simon for a vanity day.  We had the whole day to ourselves, treated to a spa and a facial.  :)

Our first stop was a spa and a gluta whitening scrub and oatmeal honey.  It was so refreshing, it also came with a one hour massage.  We felt so relaxed after that and felt even more thrilled that we got the services from my cashcashpinoy voucher.  I got to say, being addicted to these internet deals is just so infectious. hahaha.

After our spa, we headed to megamall for a facial.  This, on the other hand, did not give any form of relaxation but after the procedure, our face felt two pounds lighter. hahaha. Simon, once again, swore that he will not do it again. :P

Thank you beh for such a wonderful time with you.  It's so fun having to forget our jobs even for a couple of hours and just spend time with each other and treat ourselves for a so-called vanity day :)

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