Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The one with supermom labels

I've always wanted to play it cool when it comes to being a mother.  But truth of the matter is every mom wants to be "the supermom". And it took me a while to set aside the idealism of every motherhood. I know that every mother can be the best mother that she could be and you can really never compare yourself as a mom to other moms because it will just eat you...alive. The moment you gave birth and held your baby in your arms, you wanted to give him your all and you know that no one will love him more than you do.  Geared to giving the best, you found yourself with your first struggle of motherhood...breastfeeding.  I've always wanted to breastfeed longer and even if my friends who were breastfed moms don't tell me, i still had this feeling that they were better moms than i.  I was a first time mom and being able to stop breastfeeding after 7 months was hard but i felt that it was the only thing i had to do then.   Then there came the milestones...oh these milestones of one's child.  Mothers tend to make their friend's kids the chart of their kid's milestone chart.  Funny how three or five months can be so big of a difference as an age gap from a mother's point of view.  Like "oh my, my kid has to learn the abc's because the kid almost her age knows the alphabet like the back of his hand.  Like in my case, i was concerned that my kid still wears diapers at night.  I know that every child has a pace but it makes me wonder why my kid cant and some took it easy adjusting.  It was the same feeling that my friend felt when she found out that simone learned to write at an early age.  She felt her kid was behind and then blamed only herself for not being hands on.  Oh there goes the hands-on term again.  It's another one of those mom's stereotypes.  Like if you're not employed, you're expected to be a hands on mom and then you are now pressured to make your kid achieve all the milestonrs he can achieve at his age. Now that simone is 4, i've realized that even if we,moms, don't intend to compare,im sure one wsy or another we have done this.  Reason behind? Maybe because it's one way of assuring ourselves that we are not the worst moms or just to make sure that our kid is doing okay.  But while i was trying to get the hang of being a mom, there really were these labels that go "against" other labels of being a mom.  Some of you might not agree but let me share with you my thoughts: 1st label: the working mom vs. The stay at home mom 2nd label: the breastfeeding mom vs. The formula milk mom 3rd label: the homeschooling mom vs. School mom 1st label: stay at home mom I resigned when simone was just 6 months old for the reason that i want to spend more time with her.  But i also said to myself that i need to look for something to do that i love and to be able to do it on my own time.  So being a stay/work at home mom, i felt more is expected from me to raise a better kid.  People may not say it, but i felt it.  But it did'nt really pressure me at all.  I was geared to giving simone a good foundation when she was 1 and 2yo.  I lessened our study routines when she turned three giving her more time to play and explore her world.  And i think she turned out ok. :)  But if you look at the other side of the coin, i don't have anything against working moms.  I consider myself one since i work at home too and i grew up with a working mom.  And i know that being a sahm or a wahm may not be for everybody. 2nd label: in between breastfeeding mom and formula mom I've breastfed simone for seven months, not exclusively but that's the most i can do then.  Before,ive never cared for the ad statement after every milk commercial that says "breastfeeding is still best for babies" until i had my own baby.  And i've always felt envious of moms who have breastfed longer.  I felt that i did'nt give the best i can give.  Somehow, there's this fear that if ever my kid turns out to be sickly or that she's not good in school, i only have myself to be blamed because i didnt breastfeed her longer. :( i know, i'm getting paranoid and all but it was really one of my frustrations as a mother. 3rd label:  school mom I thought i'd be a homeschooling mom.  But who am i kidding?! I enjoy our study time but i dont' see myself doing it for the rest of her schooling years.  Although i noticed that now that she's studying and we have lesser time to do the mom-kid lessons, i realize that she really learned a lot when i was homeschooling her.  I realize that yeah, it is really effective...i'm just as sure though that i won't be able to make it last...i'd go insane! So whatever hat you're wearing as a mom, we must always remember that one is not better than the other but it is what works best for you and your kid. Always ask God for wisdom and He will direct you as to how best raise your kid. 

The one with surprise

It's been a while since Simon surprised me with a gift. Its not really a surprise to the extent that i didnt have a clue of what it wa but it was surprising when he gave it to me and that he bought it from his own money. I'm soo happy! I know in one of my previous posts, i was choosing between a tablet and an ipad and he decided to buy me an ipad! Yey! I'm so happy my husband spoils me...hehehe... Thank u beh for supporting my business and for making sure i have what i always need to have. Love you! Now i need to get used to using it...gosh i'm so low-tech!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The one with 8 pounds

To some this may mean a birthweight of a newborn kid but to me this finally means the number of pounds i've lost so far! I can now finally say that i've officially lost weight, slowly but surely. My ketogenic diet seemed to work and for the first time, i can actually see results. I recently saw myself in a picture taken from my sister in law's birthday and i'm happy that my jawlines are obvious again and i now have a longer neck. Hahaha! I think i would manage to do this longer. I just need to exercise more. The only downside of this diet, when i tried to eat bread,it made my tummy upset and got some loose bowel movements. It happened twice and i think it was because of the sudden carbohydrates i had. But other than that, everything is ok. Wish me for more pounds to lose!

The one with 1st qtr

So like what i wrote in my previous post, Simone made it to top five this quarter. I was trying not to be overacting about it when teacher tricia informed us during the evaluation, i could'nt help but be happy! I mean, i know she's only in nursery and the lessons they learn are pretty basic for us, but it makes me Proud that she's thriving in school and she really loves everything about it. I know there's a long way for her when it comes to schooling but at least so far, so good. :) thank you Lord!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The One With Belonging To The Top Five

So, first school period was over and the result of the exam, quizzes and grades were computed already. Now, I'm not trying to be a hard-hitting, exacting, overly competitive mom, but I am nonetheless proud that Simone is doing so well at school. I admit that between Simon and I, I'm the one who's more concerned about establishing study habits, being within "expected" standards and blah blah blah, but Simon was good at keeping me grounded as well so I never go overboard. And I'm just glad that we truly are striking a good balance between studies and wii game. So you can definitely continue fiddling with daddy's tablet and mommy's iPad, Simone! That is, in between studies :) Congratulations and we love you!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

The One With Making Plans Of Her Own

It's really so endearing when Simone would make plans of her own without thought to my own plans for the day, like I don't have to drive her to wherever she wants to go. She'd tell me she wants to go to that place, eat at this place, then head on to that place, it's really funny. And I, the indulgent mom, would try to go out of my way just to give it to her. But I couldn't help thinking what it will be like when she's old enough to really make plans for her day and go out all by herself. We probably should get her some roadside assistance plan this early. Hmmmnn...

The One With Exhilarating Shopping Day

You probably all know by now that I'm such a sucker for sale (I make sure I know all about bargain deals-- including online deals!-- and shops having promos and sample sales), that I'm sure you'll understand how difficult it was for me not to buy anything I could lay my hands into when Gingersnaps went on a warehouse sale. I usually always make it to their annual sale, but it was the first time I went there on the first day they were having the sale, and oh what a wonderful day it was! I went home with two sacks of clothing for Simone alone! I know! but you see, I couldn't resist it, shirts only cost a hundred pesos each! (150 max). I know, right?! It was such an exhilarating day I really should get myself one of those barcode scanner online. So don't ask me how much I spent that day :)

Saturday, September 03, 2011

The one with notes

So talking more about which one to get, the husband did'nt stop comparing notes and made a list of what to like about Tablet and what not to like about it.  I only remembered a couple of things:

To like:
- it acts like a phone too so very practical
- ok for documents too
- of for internet
- set up is close to that of Windows

Not to like:
- its size and how awkward you look when you use it as a phone
- if you dont have bluetooth, you'd have to always get your headset just to answer a call
- it hangs every now and then

Waaahh! Because he influenced me with taking this decision-making seriously, i now have to make a more thorough research on which is better.  Hayzz.... Can't i just have both??? hahaha...in your dreams!

The one with early christmas gift???

Simon and I closed a new project recently and as a reward, he was asking me if i wanted him to buy me an iPad. i thought he was just kidding and then he asked me again if i wanted one.  He thought it will be really useful for my meetings, will make my life easier and all those stuff.  I have such a sweet husband.  It scares the heck out of me, he might be wanting something in return. (hahaha, a bigger gadget maybe???)

So now, we are weighing whether we want a tablet or an ipad for me.  hehe. I'm still undecided to be honest and i know not many will agree with me.  When your husband wants to buy you something...DO NOT and NEVER think twice to accept it.  I appreciate his gesture and generosity and his concern for me but i'm really not sure if i'd be able to maximize it. heck, my iphone is just for text and call, how sure am i that i wont treat ipad the same?! hahaha...

But we're still thinking and praying for it... Knowing that my husband is a tech junkie, im sure he'll figure out what will work for me. ;)

Thanks beh! Should i be looking for an ipod dock too? ;)

The one with more about carb counting

I now have kept a new habit...count the carbs. hahaha. Whenever I go to the grocery, I try to look at the label and count the carbs so i'd know if i'd be exceeding my daily quota of carbs.  I'm not saying I'm that strict but it helps to be more conscious so there's more broader line for allowances. haha.

I found it surprising that some of the foods that i know are fattening may not be as bad as you think.  Take for example, full fat cream. Did'nt you know that it's just 4g of carbo.  Cheddar cheese is only 5g.  Coke Zero and Coke light is nada! as in 0 carbs! yahoo! haha.  It makes me sane.  :)  I got surprised that spanish sardines is like 20g of carb. and i thought i can eat any fish. i guess it's how it was cooked that made it very carbo-loaded.

I think this regimen has made me more health conscious and i think it has given me more positive results than bad.  I'll be undergoing a check-up soon and check thru one of those welch allyn and other tests and see if all my tests are normal. :)

wish me luck more!