Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The one with 3-year realizations

Simone just turned three. Feels like it was only months ago when i gave birth to her (yeah, i still carry those pregnancy weight you know, haha) and felt like for me, she will never grow old. I find it fascinating that every year, just weeks before she turns a year older, she will always show signs of developments that will really mark her birthday. Like when she turned two, i remember her memorizing the alphabets by singing it, being able to count 1 to 10. Now that she turned three, she speaks in sentences that drops our jaws and at the same time, makes us emotional once again. she reasons in logic and in sensible ones mind you. One time, she was just so hyper, she kept on moving inside the car and her dad told her in an annoying composed tone "simone, wag ka nga malikot". we were shocked that she answered back with "eh happy ako e." we looked at each other (simon and i) and felt teary-eyed with her answer. it was like, "oh man, she really knows things around her" the common sentence that "kids say the darndest things" what she answered was not darn, it was pure joy. :) and we cant help but wonder how a 3-year old kiddo can know this already and express it.

We love you anak. im not yet ready for you to turn 18, moreso of getting married (i'd need hemorrhoids treatments when that time comes) but one thing is for sure, you are ready to grow up so we'll take it one year at a time. :)

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