Sunday, February 14, 2010

The one with this weekend na

Celebrating birthday out of town is an unusual thing for us but we want to travel more than we used to, we also want to travel with our parents and since we're not throwing a party for simone, this is the best way we can celebrate her birthday. we'll hold a post-birthday celebration when we get back so we can celebrate it with her aunts and uncles too. :)

I have a lot to do's. Check our tickets (im not sure how online ticket works when you get to the airport, do you just use the one you printed from the pc? hehe) i have to call them for that. and i also need to buy new swimsuits for simone, new shorts for daddy and a swimsuit for me too. I also need to strategically think how we would pack simone's bottles, clothes, diapers. i really don't want to carry a lot of stuff for this trip you know.

When going out of town, one must not forget these:
~ camera
~ sunblock
~ to pack light (i wont bring jeans. shorts, leggings, lightweight shirts will do)
~ celphone and chargers
~ hat
~ vitamins (i always notice almost everyone i know who go to outings get sick after the trip, so pack yourself with vitamins, hehe)

Happy 3rd birthday simone! a few days more and you're a year older again. love you!


geWi said...

wow 3 na si simone! happy birthday!

yup, dalhin lang yung printed copy! have a safe trip!

carlamaldita said...

enjoy your vacation!