Thursday, February 04, 2010

The one with a lot to wait for

Patience is not my cup of tea...and they say it's a virtue. hahaha. I just can't wait for a lot of things this month and January felt like forever. seriously, did't you feel like january took off really slow and that it has almost five weeks in the calendar?! hahaha, impatient i know.

so now that february is here already, here's what we are all been waiting for:

~ Simone's 3rd bday - yes we don't have a party for her this year but we'll make sure that she will remember this birthday with our bohol trip. our parents are sooo excited that it makes me excited too. actually, im the type who does'nt want to expect too much so i wont get disappointed too bad as well. but i really hope the grannies will have a great time, if not the best. :) we'll also have a birthday dinner celebration with our families once we get back. isn't it exciting?! :)

~ David Benoit's concert - "david who?" this was my first reaction when simon told me he wanted to watch his concert. and then i learned that he is a great jazz player. the concert is at PICC and we bought tickets already. jun, simon's friend, bought it for us and we'll be on a double date. haha.

~ our 11th anniversary as a couple - i cannot believe that the day after simone's bday will be our 11th anniversary as a couple. yeah, college pa lang kme na. hehe. wow, it's that long already huh? i love you beh! we have'nt anything planned yet for that day since that's our trip back to manila but a nice dinner date will be sweet. hehe. hindi pa napagod sa mga lakwatsa!

here's to february and i hope everyone will have a sweet and fun love month!

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