Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The one with flying colors

Last night, we hosted our monthly thanksgiving day at our house. Normally, i would order food from shakey's (for pizza) or buy chicken from Andok's. hehe. but i felt like cooking for our family and wanted to show my cooking prowess, if there's any. Later that i realized after buying breakfast steak and lamb chops from rustan's that i found out i don't know what to cook! bwahaha. i immediately texted concon to help me but alas, my limited-sized brain could'nt afford to understand what she was saying. so my menu for the evening were these:

Lamb stew with young corn and quail eggs
bacon and pepperoni lyoner carbonara
beef steak (read: beef tapa)

the first one was my highlight for the dinner. haha. it was music to my ears hearing my mom in law saying that it was delicious and sauce is just perfect. wow. and to my ever critic sisters in law, haha, all of them just cook really good so there was an added pressure. Imagine, I made them eat lamb! im soo happy! they loved it. actually, it's supposed to be adodo-style but i overused the white vinegar, hence, had to add more water and soy sauce and sugar. haha. but the meat is so tender. :) my husband loved it more. he kept on saying how much he appreciated my cooking.

the second one was easy and i had to give credit to my pasta cooking. i can't miss pasta in my menu. but the sauce was creamy i must say and i put loads of bacon into it, that's why they loved it. yey!

the third one was my not so well-done "steak". but they still ate it so i was still happy. simon told me nga, "para may konting flaws naman". hahaha. yeah right!

my mom in law brought chicken curry and that's the one i ate. :) it feels good seeing people appreciate your cooking and eating to their hearts' content. so much better to have you being commented for it. now this is how chefs feel when they are requested to come out of the kitchen so a guest can thank them for a very great meal they just had. haha.

i seldom cook, as in very seldom but this one made its flying colors. :) til my next cooking adventure!

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