Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The one with wish it was five years back

When we went to bohol and i saw these women wearing their 2-pc swimsuits, i thought to myself that wish i had the same guts as they have now five years back. haha. I had a slimmer tummy when i was single. as in my waistline was like 27 and had hips like that of a spanish woman (read: big hips) thus more emphasis on the waist. but the weird thing was that i did'nt feel i was "slimmer" at that time. I'd always compare myself with my slim, bone and skin friends and would think that i'd wish i have their bods.

But then, time passed and fast forward, i can only attempt to wear swimsuits with boyleg design. harhar. i still felt sexy but i'd wish my tummy five years ago will be back and that i wont have to drool over sites such as www.topfatburner.net. haha.

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