Saturday, February 27, 2010

The one with money sense

After our bohol trip, i can't help but give credit to simon and i for having to be able to treat our parents for a vacation. we've always wanted that and knowing that it will make them happy made us more motivated to save up for it. and with that, i'm also proud of the good deals that we were able to get that manages us to save a lot.

1. we got PAL's 777 promo. for a group of 6 adults and 1 kiddo, our 10k flight accommodations is a great catch.
2. i was able to book the hotel last year so i'd be able to avail of their old rates. ;) and i saved a couple of thousands with that.
3. i got the ordinary tour of hotel, renting out the van for the whole day with your driver/tour guide tagged along and we only chose the ones we wanted to go to since we're with older people and we know that they wont be able to stand long walks. so we went to the essentials: chocolate hills, loboc river, and tarsier areas and headed back to the hotel. had we gone with the complete tour, we'd have less time in the beach.
4. we brought light meals for breakfast and coffee packs. ;) our first day allowed us to splurge and indulge ourselves with food from the hotel since our first day is simone's birthday. on our second day, we settled for our "baon" and "ihaw" from restaurants nearby. and our third day, we ate again in the hotel's restaurant. :)
5. i know it's always nice to buy pasalubongs for relatives but we opted not to spend too much on this so we only bought peanut kisses for our siblings :)
6. we saved up for it and paid whatever we can pay so we don't have to cash out that big amount on the day of our vacation. it's like an rv financing, you make an installment so you don't get shocked that you spend a lot already for the trip.

Planning a trip is not easy but whatever it is that will make our parents happy is definitely worth it. So if you can afford or if you can save up for it, i'd advise you to go on a trip with your parents. Even if they are able to afford it on their own, it makes them proud and doubly happy that their children give an effort to do something for them :)

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