Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The one with almost a month now

I'm on my third week of eating just leaves. hahaha. but i'm so happy people are noticing the results. i have'nt checked my scale yet, but just the same i can feel that i lost weight. Bulges at my back kinda thinned, I have more waist now and I feel like my face got a little smaller. When my friends whom i have'nt seen for a while finally see me, they noticed that I'm back to my pre-preg weight daw and that no one will ever think that I have a daughter. naks! how i wish di lang sila mangungutang sa ken at totoo lahat yun. hahaha.

But whether true or not, I'm just happy that I've accomplished something great. Being able to discipline myself for almost a month is something Im proud of. I really like to eat but now, I'm really decided to get serious with slimming down. haha. so for those interested to know my regimen, here it is.

1 hard-boiled egg
salad all you want (lettuce, cucumber, grated carrots, lots of cheese, kernel corn and caesar dressing)
*if you dont have hard-boiled egg, you can try bread or crackers.



yes...walang kamatayang salad it is. haha. but if i'm really getting bored with what i eat, i just drink iced tea or eat something else...except for rice or anything sweet. no junk food, iced tea na ang pinaka-sweet ko.

Every Sunday...it's my rest day. i can eat anything i want as much as i want to. but apparently, i dont eat much pa rin, tama lang. but if i want ice cream or cake, this is the best time to indulge. hehe.

i'm not saying that im slim na ha, i just lost weight and maybe you might want to try it. :)

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Rhea said...

congrats, jacque! :) ang galing naman, you lost weight na! how i wish, ako rin! hahaha :) pero baka di ko kayanin ang puro leaves! :)